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Latina Instigates A Bisexual Foursome

Duration: 27m, 21s, Starring Melissa Belle, Brendan Evander, Johnny Alec, Pierre Kennedy

(Not Rated)

Melissa has never been one to be shy about something when she wants it. So she walked up to the three guys by the pool and made it known that she wanted to get fucked and see them fuck each other, all at the same time. They didn't hesitate to follow her lead, as she lad across all of their laps poolside and grabbed a hold of their dicks, sucking on one after the other until they were all hard. While they fucked her mouth and pussy, they fucked each other as well, filling the air with loud moans as every dick was finding a warm, tight hole to fit into. When every cock was serviced, they all pulled out and blew their loads all over her body.

Models Get Two Guys For Hot Bisexual Sex

Duration: 26m, 57s, Starring Isa Alys, Maria Aleta, Johnny Alec, Robert Brand

(Not Rated)

Maria and Isa had an idea that they were hoping was going to come to fruition today. They got themselves dolled up as usual for their photo shoot, but they were hoping that the male they were shooting with and the cameraman were going to not only fuck them, but fuck each other as well! They took out their cocks as soon as they got the chance to show that they meant business, and sucked them until they were hard. The guys took the hint, and were rubbing their dicks together and fucking each other while banging them as well in no time. One chick even got a dick in her pussy and ass before both guys blew their loads all over the babes.

Three Guys And One Girl In Bisexual Sex

Duration: 28m, 39s, Starring Lynda Lux, Brendan Evander, Johnnie Gerrard, Mark Orson

(5 Votes)

Lynda had an idea that she just had to share with some of her buddies. She went in her file cabinet and took out something fun; a double dong! That got them all smiling. They all got the hint and jumped up at the chance to play around with her body, and each of theirs, too! It was a three male and one female bisexual orgy, and she couldn't believe that it was finally happening for her! While she was getting drilled in her pussy and sucking on a cock, one of the guys was getting slammed in the asshole, and then all four were getting fucked at the same time in an bisexual train! She was more than happy to take all the cum they had to offer.

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