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Bombay Muschies

Sunita Sushila Indian Fuck Fest

Duration: 23m, 24s, Starring Sunita Sushila, Dand Akhenaten

(9 Votes)

Sunita Sushila shows off what a Middle Eastern girl can pull off in porn - it turns out that she is just as eager to be on film as we are to see her. Dand Akhenaten is having his way with this rare porn treat, putting her in nearly every position that he can think of in order to pound away at that incredible pussy. He grunts and groans at the pleasure of it all, while she has multiple orgasms at his dick. He gets a great dick sucking off of her as well, and she shows that although they aren't allowed in porn, they do know how to suck dick.

Indian Whore Damayanti Nailed Bareback

Duration: 23m, 20s, Starring Damayanti Rashmi, Martie Granville

(6 Votes)

That degenerate perveyor of Indian girls, Martie Granville, is in for a real treat tonight! He has got one of the best whores in all India, Damayanti Rashmi. This girl really knows how to pleasure a man and she is well known for providing above and beyond the required level of service. She's the kind of whore who genuinely enjoys her work and wants her man to have a good time! Martie sits back in amazement as she gives him some great oral along with a skilled handjob that almost has him spurting right then and there. Then she climbs on top and takes him inside her cunt with no condom whatsoever - better watch out, you might catch something!

Slim Indian Whore Meera Hired For Sex

Duration: 29m, 18s, Starring Meera Ananda, Martie Granville

(9 Votes)

Addison Rose started out doing exclusive porn videos for low budget XXX websites and eventually graduated on to become a true hardcore sensation at some of the biggest brand name smut studios anywhere. Her first scene was with a guy for website, which was a lot of fun for her and she was able to use that early success to star in more than 30 feature adult film titles for companies that include Lethal Hardcore, , Vivid, Combat Zone, Digital Playground and several top websites, most notably Addison can also be seen in POV point of view gonzo porn videos and is best known for her blowjob abilities. Addison Rose is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and was born in 1987. She is a brunette with all-American Midwestern good looks. Her measurements are an all natural 32C-24-34, weighing about 105 pounds and standing five feet, five inches tall. She moved to Arkansas where she graduated school in 2005. When Rose turned 18, she took a trip to Los Angeles and decided never to return to Arkansas. 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If you haven't had the chance to get fully exposed to the talents of Addison Rose on camera, we highly recommend the scene on titled "Pretty Young Slut In Pigtails Licks Cum Off Table" which shows off her acting ability, sensuality and hardcore sex skills all at the same time. Fucked hard in a spa steam room, her tight pussy gets a deep workout and the way the light glitters off her belly ring as the action heats up is enough to draw your eyes right down toward the heat of holes for the nasty cum drenched finale Addison Rose wants you to see! Addison Rose has allegedly faced many challenges in her life, including living on food stamps in order to eat according to interviews published online. She also lived the good life as a pornstar when she had enough money to buy whatever she wanted. 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Being able to achieve anything, without surrounding to a poor start is part of what makes Addison Rose such an inspiration to so many new girls starting out as amateur starlets in the skin biz. For many, the belief is that if Addison Rose can do it... so can I! Addison Rose officially retired from performing in porn videos during 2010 and has been working hard on a mainstream movie and television commercial career, but she is still involved behind the scenes in several adult marketing projects. She always has a hand in upcoming new releases, finding new talent, providing agency work as a mentor for starlets and connecting adult business owners with the talent they need to succeed in the competitive world of XXX porn production.

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