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Celestia Star Choking on Big Black Dick

Duration: 7m, 53s, Starring Celestia Star, Mark Anthony

(4 Votes)

There are some sluts that just love the black cock, even though their mouths can barely fit around the damn things. This is the case for Celestia Star, who is in the mood for some good old black dick sucking today. She's getting it on with Mark Anthony, who is certainly thrilled that this blond bombshell wants to take a lick of his lollipop. She pretty much cracks her jaw trying to get her mouth around that cock, and as it slides down nice and slow she gets him ready to spray his jizz all around her slut mouth.

Laurie Vargas Drinks Down Ebony Cum

Duration: 9m, 43s, Starring Laurie Vargas, Cuntre Pipes

(3 Votes)

Laurie Vargas is a sweetheart and a half when she's not in the mood to fuck, but when she is you're not going to want to stand between her and her chosen fuck. She is after Cuntre Pipes today, and that big black dick is perfect for her big cock sucking mouth. She shows off all of her blowjob skills with this ebony dong, making sure that she takes that dick all the way down her throat. She wants a special surprise at the end, so when he cums right in her mouth she opens up wide and enjoys all of that jizz.

Sophie Dee Enjoys Black Dick Injection

Duration: 9m, 1s, Starring Sophie Dee, Mark Anthony

(5 Votes)

Sophie Dee is the kind of girl that tries anything once, and most things she's more than happy to try quite a few times. Her eyes open up wide when she sees how much dick Mark Anthony is packing, and it's safe to say that she's going to have a good time indeed. She starts things off with a long and leisurely cock suck. Of course she has to use a bit of caution, since otherwise she would end up cracking her jaw on that big dick. Once she gets all finished up with that dick, he pulls back and makes sure to give her a good cum shower.

Faith Leon Swallowing Down Black Dick

Duration: 10m, 32s, Starring Faith Leon, Cuntre Pipes

(8 Votes)

Faith Leon always has a taste for big black dick, and Cuntre Pipes is fulfilling all of her desires. She doesn't even want to get off herself - she just wants to suck and suck on that dick until she has that dick two seconds away from cumming. Then she pulls back, lets him calm down a little bit, and starts all over again. It's a rather hot cycle that is going to make you hard as fuck, and it's hard to imagine just how intense that orgasm at the end really is. Of course it does end up all over her, so she's certainly gotten what she's wanted out of the deal.

Ashley Moore Gets Mouthful of Black Dick

Duration: 10m, 27s, Starring Ashley Moore, Dwayne Cummings

(8 Votes)

Ashley Moore and Dwayne Cummings are the perfect match. Ashley is a total whore that is lusting after black cock, and Dwayne Cummings brings the chocolate to the table. She is all over that dick in no time flat, and you're going to see her going fucking wild over it. There's a big smile on her face as she slurps that schlong down, and she also wants to go ahead and take it right up her sweet cunt. Before long she is pulling back and letting him shoot that big black load all over her slutty face.

Mika Tan Struggles with Big Black Dick

Duration: 9m, 34s, Starring Mika Tan, Cuntre Pipes

(118 Votes)

If there's one thing that always amazes me about Asian women, it's the fact that they always want to try to swallow a dick that's bigger than their heads. Mika Tan is one of the best Asians for that, and as far as big dick sucking goes she's probably the most experienced. You'll usually find her going after some big black dick, and that's exactly what she's doing today with Cuntre Pipes. She almost squeals at seeing that hefty cock, and of course she wants him to cum all over her sweet Asian whore face.

Mia Knight Takes Big Sloppy Facial

Duration: 8m, 12s, Starring Mia Knight, Carlton Banks

(4 Votes)

Mia Knight is a sweetheart when she's out of the bedroom, but once she gets in it she's a whole other girl. You'll see her getting nasty as fuck when she sees Carton Banks' big black dick, and in no time flat she is shoving that schlong down her throat. It looks like she's always been dreaming about the dark meat, and there's nothing quite like getting that taste. Of course she's also a big fan of riding that dick all over the place, and with a big smile on her face you'll find that she insists on a facial.

White Whore Gets Black Cum Blasted

Duration: 11m, 17s, Starring Sara Jay, Wanda Lust, Mark Anthony

(4 Votes)

Sara Jay has always wanted to taste some black cock, and today she's getting her chance with Mark Anthony. He's bringing out the big guns and whipping that dick right down her throat for a good old time. There's nothing quite like watching her open up her mouth wide, letting that black cock discipline her. She also loves when it's time to ride that monster cock. She is bouncing up and down on it, getting hornier and hornier by the second. By the time he's ready to cum, she just wants that jizz all over her face.

Slender Blonde Amateur Takes It In Face

Duration: 9m, 32s, Starring Wanda Lust, Tony Eveready

(5 Votes)

There are some sluts that just have to take that cum right in the face, and Wanda Lust is one of them. This petite blonde might look small next to Tony Eveready, but it turns out that her sex drive is bigger than both of them. She is all over that dick, caressing it with her mouth, getting her pussy wet and ready for the ride that's about to come. Once she's done with that dick, she's not going to make Tony just shoot it up inside of her. Oh hell no! This slut wants it all over her face.

Jayna Woods Gets Mouthful Of Black Sperm

Duration: 11m, 57s, Starring Jayna Woods, Dwayne Cummings

(5 Votes)

Cheating young blond Jayna Woods has got a boyfriend, and yet here she is sucking on the big black cock of ebony porn stud Dwayne Cummings! All Dwayne has to do is beckon to her and point at his throbbing erection and Jayna gets down on her knees, grinning as she takes the stiff prick into her mouth. Jayna uses every trick on the cock, deepthroating the prick, making herself gag and pumping it with one hand, all in her quest to get a mouthful of hot black spunk. After an extensive deepthroat blow job, Jayna finally gets what she craves, as Dwayne explodes right in to the back of her throat. The jizz dribbles delightfully down her chin!

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