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Deseos Prohibidos - Forbidden Desires

Naughty Latinas Enjoying All Group Sex

Duration: 31m, 59s, Starring Barbara Kisivics, Carla Novais, Don Picone, Ed Junior

(8 Votes)

Barbara Kisivics and Carla Novais are sassy and sweet Latina babes that are always in the mood for a spot of fun - and you're going to love watching them at work. After a rather bizarre beginning, you end up with this pair getting ready for some of the best Latina group sex action around. There's nothing quite like seeing these two team up on Don Picone and Marcelo Boni. As they fuck side by side, you're going to love how enthusiastic these two can be. It's the most energetic fuck fest around, that's for sure.

Jessica Dee Getting Latina Kinky

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Camilla, Vincente

(8 Votes)

There are some Latina women that will just knock your socks off - and Jessica Dee is one of them. She is always in the mood for one hell of a fuck fest, and you're going to love watching her in action once she gets up on the table. That's right, she's too horny to even take herself to a bedroom, so she's climbing up and getting down on Vincente. This is one of the hottest Latina sex scenes that you're ever going to get the pleasure of enjoying, and you'll be sure to love every single second of it - I know I did.

Thick Ass Latina Michelle Gomes

Duration: 15m, 53s, Starring Michelle Gomes, Pepe Numez

(5 Votes)

If there's one thing that will always make your day better, it's a thick ass Latina like Michelle Gomes. She has one of those perfect Hispanic booties, the type that will make your dick sit up and take notice. Her long legs wrap around Pepe Numez before he can even take any of his clothes off, and she's just dry humping him with lingerie on. Now that's what I call one horny bitch. They do end up getting their clothes off, and then you can appreciate that sweet pussy and the big cock that pounds her into submission.

Hot Latina Babe Taking on Big Dick

Duration: 14m, 7s, Starring Danielle Marinetto, Alex Bad Boy

(3 Votes)

Danielle Marinetto often craves that which she thinks she cannot have - but it turns out that she is going to get exactly what she wants on this day. Alex Bad Boy is about to get her to go wild, and her pussy is going to be dripping wet before he even gets done saying hello to her. This dark haired, exotic beauty is making him hard instantly, and she is riding that dick before 5 minutes are up. The best part is when they switch a few positions, and she's almost on her head, getting pounded super hard upside down.

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