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Fetish 1

Backyard Slave Splattered With Semen

Duration: 19m, 12s, Starring Cirtkova

(2 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to have a gorgeous and submissive slut like this in your backyard? This filthy tart gets treated like nothing more than an animal by her captor, a beast to be used only for degenerate sex acts. He releases her from her cage and she crawls around on her hands and knees like dog. He hauls her over to a filthy mattress, ramming his cock first down her throat and then into her bald pussy. She lies there, helpless and with her legs spread, yelping as her man's shaft makes her cum over and over again. She shudders and screams in her man's firm grasp. Then she gets left to rot on the mattress, splattered with her man's load.

This Blond Loves To Be Choked And Fucked

Duration: 18m, 23s, Starring Melicherikova, Midnighter

(2 Votes)

For this stunning euro blond, there is nothing hotter than having her wrapped in plastic, save for her juicy mouth. First we see her being choked by her man. He releases her from her bondage and she falls the floor, gasping, but no sooner has she taken a breath of air when her man rams his penis down her throat, making her gag. Then he starts to fuck her, holding her on his lap helplessly while he drills deep into her poon.

Masked Blond Takes Big Dick Ass Fucking

Duration: 23m, 10s, Starring Melicherikova, Red Mist

(1 Vote)

Three power goes back and forth between man and woman in this fetish fuck movie. A gorgeous European blond reclines in a leather outfit and studded mask, teasing her own pussy with her fingers and toy. Then she's joined by her stud, who is dressed from head to toe in a translucent red plastic outfit; you can't clearly see his face, and wouldn't that plastic feel wonderful against your skin! He's got an enormous hard cock and he slides it straight in to the blond's exposed vagina, starting up a steady fucking that has her hitting the roof with pleasure. He sticks his penis into her ass while the blond continues to fuck her vagina with a toy.

Sexy Wife Gets Sheathed In Blue Plastic

Duration: 22m, 21s, Starring Dvorakova, Zanzibar

(1 Vote)

An amateur husband and wife couple have some bizarre fetish sex in this bathroom fuck video. In the opening frames of the video, the couple looks strange enough in some strappy black fetish outfits. Things get even weirder when the husband covers his wife from head to toe with blue plastic sheeting, completely covering her. All that remains exposed is her nose, mouth and pussy! He throat fucks her, making her gag and then bends her over on the cold bathroom tiles, entering her from behind and making her squeal involuntarily. The housewife is his submissive fuck slave for the rest of the movie; he just uses her like a true whore!

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