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Filthy Latin Whores: Barely Ready

Spicy Latina Fucked In The Bum Hole

Duration: 21m, 33s, Starring Milena, Leo Passos

(3 Votes)

Lean and sexy Latina chick Milena has an incredible body and a very tight ass. Leo Passos is all about anal. He loves to lick the asshole, finger it, and best of all ram his rock hard man meat deep inside of it. Her little white tits stand out in stark contrast against her deep dark tan and giggle as he pushes himself inside her. She is a screamer, yelling and moaning as he is fucking her hard. This spicy Latina princess can take a cock in the ass like no other chick. She was made for it and Leo is enjoying every second of it.

Blonde Latina Takes It In The Ass

Duration: 17m, 31s, Starring Agatha Meirelles, Vinny

(2 Votes)

All pretty in sexy pink lingerie our blonde haired Latina hottie is getting her ass lubed up by Vinny who is intent on tapping that tight little asshole of her's. Her clean shaved, tight little pussy gets wet while she is finger fucked in the bum and then licks off her ass juices from Vinny's finger. Agatha Meirelles loves sucking on the big sausages so she tries to swallow that penis like it is the last meal she will have in a long time. She even sucks his balls with gusto. The real fun begins though when he nails her in the ass and she moans loudly, completely satisfied.

Hot Latina Gets A Gaping Asshole

Duration: 23m, 7s, Starring Agatha Mello, Alex Ferraz

(6 Votes)

Alexd Ferraz likes to take things slow and easy when he takes on hot Latina whore. He has a fascination with her asshole and gently licks it and then with a lubed finger he puts his finger in it ever so slowly and gently moves it in and out. Even while she is blowing him, he has his finger in her butt hole just keeping it loose for when he can stick his cock in it. When he finally does get inside Agatha Mello's ass the slowness is gone and he rams it in like a jack hammer. With her asshole now gaping, he can get as many fingers in it as he wants.

Tight Latina Slut Can't Take It All

Duration: 14m, 48s, Starring Ava Lauren, Barbara, Andre Garcia

(4 Votes)

Barbara is a bit of a whore, she loves sex and doesn't really care about who gives her the satisfaction she craves. Andre Garcia loves Latina chicks so takes on this tasty piece of spicy hotness. He gets her hot and wet by eating out her asshole before ramming his long dick inside her mouth trying to get every inch inside of her. When he drills her from behind she can barely take in all of his cock and has to push him far enough away so not all of it goes in. She may be a slut, but she is tighter than most chicks!

Erica Viera Fishnet Loving Latina

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring Erica Viera, William Carioca

(3 Votes)

Erica Viera is not what you would call a nice girl - instead she's the type of whore that will get you off in no time flat, and make sure that you are fully satisfied whether they're using their mouths or their pussies on you. You won't find William Carioca complaining about that. He has his hands full with this spicy Latina beauty, and he's loving the lingerie too so he's in double trouble. She gets herself ready to go in an instant, and makes sure that he's having the best time of his life while he's pounding away at her.

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