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Cock Sucker Emily Loves Milking Dicks

Duration: 4m, 53s, Starring Emily Evermoore, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Emily's job today was to wrap those pretty little lips around a meaty cock and suck it until it erupted all over her face. And she wanted to show just how good she could do that as well. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and had him ram her throat like it was a pussy, making her gag all over it and covering it in drool. You could hear her choke on it, but it never stopped her from giving him the pleasure he desired. For a better position, she got on top of him and bobbed her head up and down his hard shaft, getting him close until she got on her knees and took a couple more thrusts until she swallowed his hot cum.

Black Dick Sucker Drinks White Cum

Duration: 2m, 44s, Starring Simone, Lee Stone

(1 Vote)

There's nothing speedy about the head that Simone gives, at least not at first. She sucks it slow and steady, up and down, making the head of his dick tingle as it starts off at her tongue tip and gets shoved all the way down to her tonsils. When she goes faster, she strokes and chokes on it, covering it in her warm drool before going down to his balls and licking them. She's committed to making that dick explode, even when she's turned upside down while he stands up, pounding her face with his cock while he licks her trap. She gets on her knees for his cum, and strokes him until he paints her gorgeous ebony face white.

Hot Deep Throat Babe Takes On Hard Cock

Duration: 3m, Starring Alexis Texas, John Strong

(2 Votes)

They say that in Texas, they like things big. Well that must be the case when it comes to this sexy blonde cock sucker, because Alexis Texas is all about sucking the sperm from the dick of this well-hung dude. She opens her mouth and gets throat fucked deep and hard, as the drool spurts from her mouth all over his rigid pecker. She gets her throat totally pleasured, as her lips wind up resting on his balls while she chokes on it. When he lays down, it's her chance to bob her head up and down his shaft and take every inch in a new angle, running her tongue along his cock head and bringing him to shoot his load all over her sexy face.

Sexy Asian Gives The Best Blowjobs

Duration: 3m, 31s, Starring Lyla Lei, Alex Sanders

(9 Votes)

When Lyla Lei is walking towards this dude on the couch, we really don't realize just how lucky he is until she takes off all her clothes and begs for him to take out his dick for her so she can suck on it. He teases her at first by sticking it only out of the legs of his shorts, and when she does a good enough job, he releases it all for her to suck it deep and hard. The Asian does as she's told, bobbing her head up and down his prick while moaning and choking on it. She really gets off on doing such a good job of giving him head, as she takes every last inch inside of her mouth, and only pulls it out so he can cum on her face.

Cock Sucking Blonde Gags On A Dick

Duration: 6m, 50s, Starring Kissy Kapri, Marco Banderas

(1 Vote)

Do you know what this sexy blonde's mission of the day is? Kissy has made it her goal to suck this big cock until it shoots goo all over her face and mouth. And she'll take it all the way down her throat if that's what it takes! That's good, because that's just what it's going to take, as this guy takes hold of her head and rams the hell out of her mouth, getting his dick all the way down her throat and massaging her tonsils with her cock head. She covers it with drool after he hits her gag reflex, which gets him even hornier. Her natural boobs sway as she bobs her head up and down his shaft until it erupts all over her. Mission accomplished!

Redheaded Wild Babe Loves Sucking Cock

Duration: 6m, 36s, Starring Emily Vanili, Chad Sexton

(4 Votes)

Emily looks like she can get wild in the bedroom with her sexy slim body and her crazy red hair. And that's even before we get to see her cock sucking skills! Holy shit, can she open up her throat for his dick, moving her head up and down his shaft and covering it in drool while shaking her ass for the camera. She really loves giving head, as she spits on it and strokes it while running her lips up and down his now completely swollen cock. She takes her panties off so he can get a taste of her juices, and then opens up her legs for a quick fucking before opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue, and receiving his jizz down her throat.

Aurora Takes A Deep Throat Fucking

Duration: 4m, 51s, Starring Aurora Snow, Steven French

(1 Vote)

You don't even have to ask this dick loving blonde twice if she wants to choke on a dick. Aurora Snow is more than happy to let her throat be brutalized, because she loves the way a fleshy cock feels down her throat and on her lips. Her head is used like a pussy, as her mouth is rammed while she chokes and spits all over it. No wonder why that cock is so rock hard for her! She's quite proud of her cock sucking skills, especially since she's never had a cock that she couldn't milk dry with her lips. This one doesn't stand a chance, as she bobs her head up and down until his entire load is shot all over her face.

Raunchy Babe Mouth, Pussy And Ass Fucked

Duration: 7m, 43s, Starring Ava Devine, Brian Surewood, Mr. Pete

(1 Vote)

It doesn't take long for you to realize just what kind of a nasty babe Ava Devine is. She's dressed to kill in her black lingerie and high heels, and she's got an impressive pair of big boobs, a sweet ass, and a hungry mouth that desperately needs dick inside of it. She's going to get all that she can handle here with these two guys, as she goes back and forth between them, opening her mouth and getting her throat rammed while still begging for more. Her snatch gets fucked while she blows the other guy, and she even gets a deep ass fucking, but the cocks always have to end back at her mouth for their sticky cum loads.

Cock Sucker Blows Lucky Guy On The Couch

Duration: 3m, 29s, Starring Ariana Jollee, Jay Ashley

(Not Rated)

This guy is pitching a tent in his shorts not only because Arianna is groping him while on top of him, but because he knows that she gives the best head he's ever had. In fact, she doesn't even need to spread her legs to make him cum; her lips, her tongue, and her throat that can accommodate his fat erection is all she needs to get that dick exploding. She really gets into it, moving her lips up and down on his shaft while choking on his pecker, drooling on it as she gags on his cock head. Every movement of her mouth brings him closer to cumming, and when it's time, she strips naked for him and receives it all over her face and tits.

Blonde Needs Two Dicks To Gag On

Duration: 9m, 54s, Starring Melissa Lauren, Alberto Ray, Trent Tesoro

(1 Vote)

When Melissa Lauren is hungry for some cock, she doesn't just count on one hard prick to give her what she needs. She enlists the services of two guys to give her the throat fucking she desires, and the double load of hot man cream that she needs later on. She moves back and forth between them, sucking both of their pricks stiff, before hopping on top of one while still blowing the other. Her juicy ass bounced up and down as her pussy is thrusted into, as her moans and screams are muffled by the other dick firmly planted inside her mouth. She gets on her knees and opens her mouth, and one by one, they let loose their cum inside her mouth.

Two Chicks Gag On One Dick Together

Duration: 6m, 20s, Starring Ice La Fox, Kodey Coxxx, Sasha

(Not Rated)

You might think that Ice and Cody might start fighting over this one cock that's offered up to them, but both of them know how to share when it comes to giving head. They each take turns bobbing up and down on that stiff rod, before they really start getting nasty and shove it all the way down their throats until they gag on it. The blowjob gets messy from all the spit they drool out on his fuck stick, as they move up and down his stiffy in tandem to get him closer to cumming. He fingers them to see how wet they're getting, and once it's time for him to spray them with his sperm, they get on their knees with mouths open for him.

Mouth, Pussy And Ass Pulverized By Dick

Duration: 7m, 23s, Starring Lauren Phoenix, Benjamin Brat, Otto Bauer

(2 Votes)

Lauren's got so much to eat, how is her little mouth going to take it all? Well it's not Thanksgiving; it's just a hot threesome with two hung guys who can't wait to pulverize her throat until they cum. She welcomes the mouth pleasure though, as she gets her head rammed while their cock heads massage her esophagus. Her mouth isn't the only hole to get rammed though, because these dicks find their way inside her tight snatch, and even her tighter asshole, much to her delight. She's never without a dick in her mouth though, and after they're both completely satisfied, she gets both of their jizz loads down her throat to soothe her mouth.

Blonde Chokes On Her Boyfriend's Dick

Duration: 4m, 2s, Starring Julie Van Saint, Lee Stone

(1 Vote)

After she gets out of school, Julie isn't in the mood to study or hang out with friends. Instead, she goes right over her boyfriend's house because she knows that he's got a big cock waiting for her, as long as she can suck it stiff. She's been practicing her blowjob skills, and can really make his dick stand at attention when she needs it to. She moves her lips and tongue up and down his shaft, before enveloping it in her mouth and moving it all the way down her throat until she chokes on it. He grabs a hold of her head and fucks it like it's her tight pussy, and that makes him erupt a stream of his sticky sperm down her inviting throat.

Deep Throat Babe Sucks Two Dicks Off

Duration: 5m, 34s, Starring Katja Kassin, Otto Bauer

(1 Vote)

Want to know why sexy blonde goddess Katja has such a big smile on her face when these two guys walk in with their cocks pointed in her direction? It's because she's about to have her fantasies cum true; having two dicks that she can please with her mouth, tongue and throat. She looks up at each one of them as they penetrate her lips, running her tongue up and down their shafts, and covering them with drool before letting them slip all the way inside her throat. She can even take both of them on at the same time, and that combination of sexy dick sucking skills makes both guys shoot their jizz all over her dick hungry face.

Cum Hungry Asian Squirted With Jizz

Duration: 5m, 53s, Starring Luci Thai, Benjamin Brat, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Luci Thai looks at both of these guy's units like they're pieces of meat, and she wants to gobble them up as fast and as best as she can. Then again, when you have a sexy Asian chick with blowjob skills like these, you'd want to be treated like a piece of meat as well. She grabs a hold of both of their dicks as they strip her bare, and then she gets to work on one while the other licks her snatch. When they're both nice and hard, she gets her throat pulverized by both at the same time, having her mouth stretched beyond its limits as she takes them all the way in. She even gets fucked a bit before drowning in both of their cum loads.

Sucks And Fucks Her Way To 2 Jizz Loads

Duration: 5m, 10s, Starring Vanilla Skye, Marco Banderas, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Perky breasted, horny and loves her throat to be brutalized. That's the kind of babe Vanilla needs to be in order to take on two dicks at the same time with her mouth, and that's the kind of babe she happens to be all the time. Whenever she needs a fix, she makes sure to call up two guys to get the job done, as she goes back and forth between them to suck every last inch of their cocks stiff before taking both of them and stuffing her face full of their meaty peckers. While she gets her pussy fucked hard, her throat is fucked deep until she gags on it, and then she gags on their hot loads of sticky sperm in the end.

Horny Threesome Sucks Off A Lucky Guy

Duration: 9m, 4s, Starring Britney Madison, Kayla Marie, Sativa Rose, Lee Stone

(Not Rated)

When you need a lesson in sharing, you need to watch this video. You would think there would be no way that Kayla, Sativa and Britney could share one dick together, but they really show the talent that three babes can possess when they put their minds, and their mouths, to work. They kissed and fondled each other as they whipped out his dick, and as one bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft, the other two massaged and kissed, waiting for their turn to deep throat. They may have run into some rough patches together, but they really banded together in order to get this guy to cover their faces with all of his jizz for them to share.

Petite Deep Throat Queen Sucks For Cum

Duration: 3m, 42s, Starring Jasmine Byrne, Trent Tesoro

(74 Votes)

Jasmine's had a lot on her plate today. She had to pick up dry cleaning, take her dog to the groomers, and get some groceries. But first on her list was to get her mouth and throat obliterated by this guy's hard cock. And she's never one to leave a task unfinished. In fact, she prefers it when he just beats the hell out of her face, as she opens her mouth for every last inch of dick until her lips rest on his balls, and then he holds her knows for added sensation. She's earned the title of the best cocksucker he's ever had, and he gives her the ultimate prize that she always wants; a mouth full of his sticky sperm for her to swallow.

Horny Cock Sucker Feasts On Two Dicks

Duration: 6m, 32s, Starring Barbara Summer, Benjamin Brat, Chris Charming

(3 Votes)

Barbara looks like she might be a bit of a tease at first, but that's before she gets in the middle of these two guys and has them whip out their dicks for her to suck on. She takes on one and slips it in and out of her mouth, all the way down to his balls. While she gets her ass massaged and spanked a lovely shade of red, she not only jams her mouth full of his prick, but takes on the other guy as well, moving her head back and forth to get both of them to cum while her big boobs shake with every movement. She gets her pussy fucked by one while sucking the other, and then gets to drink both of their hot loads of sticky cum.

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