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Girls Home Alone 10

These Tarts Know How To Use Their Toys

Duration: 1m, 41s, Starring Charlie Angel, Justine Romee, Lita Chase, Monique, Ryan Conner

(3 Votes)

We see a variety of fantastically gorgeous babes stripping and masturbating in the opening sequence to this solo girl full length DVD. A variety of sexy girls are presented here, including Caucasian honeys Justine Romee and Lita Chase along with wild African hottie Monique. The action ranges from softcore stripping and teasing down to the nastiest hardcore penetrations that you can imagine! One thing that all of these girls have in common is that they have incredible tits. Whether they are real or fake, black or white, the boobies on these tarts have to be seen to be really appreciated. These nasty solo girls really know how to tease you!

Dyn-a-mite Masturbates in Naughty Outfit

Duration: 9m, 1s, Starring Dyn-a-mite

(2 Votes)

Dyn-a-mite certainly lives up to her name, especially when you see the naughty plaid skirt she's wearing. She's stripping down right away, pulling that skirt up and over her long legs You can see her long cotton socks and sexy shoes as she kicks her legs up in the air. Then she goes ahead and starts working on her pussy, letting that vibrator go deep inside of her until she's ready to cum. Then she makes one of the hottest noises you'll ever hear in porn, letting that orgasm drive her fucking insane with passion and pleasure.

Black Slut Monique Pounds Her Own Hole

Duration: 9m, 18s, Starring Monique

(3 Votes)

African sex queen Monique is a diehard slut who needs sex all the time! She was supposed to be having a quiet evening at home and an early night, but instead she ends up masturbating for hours using a huge, realistically shaped black dildo! She starts off on the sofa wearing her bra and panties but soon these are on the ground as she rubs her tight body all over. She looks directly into the camera with a really filthy expression on her face as she pulls out her favorite toy and buries it inside her hole right down to the balls. She pounds herself with the full length of his immense toy - it would put most men to shame!

This Tasty Wife Is Desperate For Cock

Duration: 8m, 24s, Starring

(1 Vote)

This gorgeous wife is horny as hell and ready to get fucked. She sits in front of the window gazing wistfully at the world outside, stuck at home due to her boring and unsatisfying husband. She starts to rub herself, first fingering her tits and then rubbing her clitoris. She strips right off, heedless of the fact that the neighbors could see her through the window if they cared to look. She initially masturbates with her fingers and then she pulls out a large and thick dildo that is shaped just like a big cock. She places it down onto the ground and then rides it, pretending that she is working a real man's meat with her vagina.

Carmen Bends Over and Loves Her Vibe

Duration: 8m, 19s, Starring Carmen

(18 Votes)

Carmen is a gorgeous, fun loving kind of amateur who spends plenty of time going to everyone's bed, but she also makes sure that she's going to be spending more than enough time at home for some self love. When she's gotten herself a little bit wet, she pulls out the heavy hardware. Her vibrator comes out and she's enjoying every second of it. She puts her booty up in the air, nicely towards the camera, and starts working it deep inside herself. Once she's gotten herself close to an orgasm she allows herself to fall into a shuddering orgasm.

Curvy Short Charlie Angel Masturbates

Duration: 9m, 56s, Starring Charlie Angel

(7 Votes)

Charlie Angel is a very hands on kind of girl, so when it's time for her to spend some quality alone time with herself she's bringing out her fingers and going to town. She absolutely loves working those digits deep inside of her slit, moaning and groaning as she brings herself step after step closer to orgasm. She starts working on herself nice and slow, but as her pussy gets wetter she gets faster and faster on herself. It's a hot and wild time as she goes, and she's not able to resist the orgasm that grips her as she fucks herself.

Busty Ryan Conner Goes to Town with Toy

Duration: 9m, 12s, Starring Ryan Conner

(3 Votes)

Ryan Conner has a big old set of jugs and you get to enjoy staring at them while she strips down and gets ready for a great solo masturbation session. Her pussy is soaking wet and ready to go, and she's definitely making sure to get herself all hot and bothered for her dildo. As she stretches out her long legs, she's staring at the camera and making sure that it's capturing every last bit of hot orgasm action. She brings out a big dildo and starts ramming it inside her, letting it stretch her out further and further until she explodes.

Justine Romee Uses An Enormous Dildo

Duration: 8m, 50s, Starring Justine Romee

(3 Votes)

You would have to be insane to leave a gorgeous wife like Justine Romee at home by herself! Check out these incredible natural tits - this babe is fertile and ready to be impregnated! Instead of getting the cock that she needs she is left to masturbate by herself in the bathroom in this solo girl video. First she pulls her big tits out of her bra and your eyes will be popping out of your head - those puppies are fucking perfect! Then she pulls her black panties to one side and starts to finger herself. That's not enough for this cock starved harlot, so she starts fucking herself with one of the largest dildos that you will ever see!

Lonely Wife Masturbates In The Kitchen

Duration: 5m, 56s, Starring

(1 Vote)

This attractive redhead wife just isn't getting what she needs from her husband. Things were good for the first year of their marriage but now he just works all the time and leaves her sexually unsatisfied! He leaves for work in the morning and then she does the housework like a good wife should; then she masturbates in the kitchen, leaving nasty juices all over the bench top that she has just cleaned! She's got a delightful body with a fantastic pair of tits and she takes great pleasure in showing them off to the camera. Then she spreads her legs and fucks herself with a ribbed dildo that fits all of her secret and most sensitive spots.

Ebony Cutie Masturbates With Red Dildo

Duration: 7m, 2s, Starring Kimber Blake

(2 Votes)

With her gorgeous face and fantastic tits, it's hard to believe that this ebony cutie can't find herself a man to give her what she needs. However, in this video she masturbates alone, starting off wearing a red and white bikini but soon getting naked. You can tell by how erect her nipples are that she is genuinely turned on in this solo video; she's not just going through the motions! First she just teases herself with her fingers and then she pulls out a slim, metallic dildo and uses it on her bald fuck hole. She sticks her ass out towards the camera in doggystyle, pleasuring herself from the rear and moaning softly.

Lita Chase Enjoys Lengthy Vibe Time

Duration: 8m, 12s, Starring Lita Chase

(1 Vote)

Lita Chase is a tattooed blond bad girl who spends so much time hopping from bed to bed that she doesn't get a chance to get her self-pleasure time. Once she does, however, she goes absolutely crazy, working on her pussy with her favorite vibrator. She loves going face down and ass up for her position, so she gets herself comfortable before moving that sex toy to her sweet slit. She's moaning and groaning all the while, letting her pussy overwhelm her with the sensations that are roiling through her petite and lovely body.

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