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Thais Schiavinato Tranny Wild Side

Duration: 20m, 17s, Starring Thays Schiavinato, Santiago Perez

(4 Votes)

Thais Schiavinato is the type of tranny that you dream of - she has a very giving nature, and there's something about watching her take on Santiago Perez that is going to make your dick do a happy dance. As they start in with each other, you'll get treated to those dicks getting harder and harder. Thais ends up on the bottom of this cock pile, and her ass pushes up in the air as Santiago has his way with her. She is panting and moaning and aching for release, and when it finally comes she makes sure that everyone hears it.

Fernanda Barros Super Horny Tranny

Duration: 19m, 59s, Starring Fernanda Barros, Junior Nobre

(6 Votes)

Fernanda Barros is a gorgeous, petite tranny that is always in the mood for a fun loving romp in the bedroom, and she is always in the mood to take it right up the ass from a guy. Junior Nobre really loves to try out this sweet shemale, especially when she wants to go ahead and take that dick right up her ass. She not only takes that cock, she makes sure to prime it with her sweet mouth. As she opens it up nice and wide, she ends up slurping that dick all the way down. Then she climbs on top of that cock and rides it until the day is done.

Nayla Vogue Shemale Gets Fucked

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Nayla Vogue, Avone Dumont

(5 Votes)

Nayla Vogue is one of the most stunning shemales that you are ever going to have the pleasure of knowing, and you'll get to see her in action today. Avone Dumont just wants to grab onto that ass and pound the hell out of it, and before long you can hear him gasping and moaning as his dick slides into that tight tranny asshole. She pushes back against him, loving how he stretches her out, but not quite ready to go over into an orgasm. Her big dick is bouncing around as he pounds into her, and she is almost screaming at the end.

Shemale Taping That Male Virgin Ass

Duration: 21m, Starring Leona Andrev, Tony Lee

(4 Votes)

There are some guys that are convinced they're going to go ahead and pound the hell out of a shemale for the novelty of it - but it ends up that they're going to go ahead and take that pounding instead. Leona Andrev is the sweetest shemale star of the day, but that doesn't mean that she's going to not take advantage of Tony Lee's ass. He's never had a tranny before, and you're going to see that he really throws himself into the experience. This is the type of shemale fucking that you just dream of seeing.

Naughty Tranny Slams Her Dick in Deep

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Carla Tavares, Poax Lenehan

(6 Votes)

When shemale Carla Tavares is in the mood to sink her dick into someone, you can tell that she's going to make sure to enjoy every last second of it. Poax Lenehan has always wanted to go ahead and try out a tranny, but he might not have had getting fucked in mind. Carla is the type of shemale that you don't turn down though, so he goes ahead and makes sure to open up his ass as wide as it can go. That gets a big smile out of her, as well as the fact that she gets to take that virgin asshole and make it hers.

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