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Young Blond Learns About Lesbian Licking

Duration: 7m, 4s, Starring Sharice, Albert, Greg

(Not Rated)

A pretty young blond goes out for a night on the town with two of the gentlemen from her secretarial job. Back at the crib she finds herself flustered and excited by the fun with these two gentlemen, and when they start to both feel her up, she doesn't resist. However, these sex fiend ed guys have got something different in store for the attractive, hot body blond than just straight sex or a threesome; they want to watch her getting involved in some steamy lesbian sex! They lead the blond to the upstairs room, where the wife of one of the gentlemen is already horny; they watch in satisfaction as the two stunning girls get it on right in front of them.

Older Man Teaches Young Sluts About Sex

Duration: 19m, 9s, Starring Elsa, Veronica, Lamont

(1 Vote)

In this dreamy black and white vintage porn movie, a summer camp for young people turns in to a hardcore orgy! At first we see a large group of young people, both men and women, bouncing around naked and frolicking completely nude outdoors. There is various tittilating action, and then the real sex scene begins when we see one of the older men corner a couple of girls naked in a tent. However, there is no tomfoolery use here; these girls are fucking wet between their legs and they are desperate for a penis! The two young sluts end up sharing the older instructor's cock, and he teaches them a few nasty things about dirtybig cock sex.

Forbidden Vintage Interracial Oral Sex

Duration: 5m, 32s, Starring Delilah, Charles Donger

(Not Rated)

This steamy interracial black and white video would have been completely taboo back in the day when it is made! We see voluptuous Caucasian housewife Delilah sitting on the sofa with black stud Charles; in many households, the black man wouldn't even be allowed inside, let alone allowed to touch the wife! Slutty Delilah strips off as Charles goes down on her, tonguing her hairy snatch between her chunky thighs. Slutty Delilah reaches down to grab Charles by his thick afro, pulling his face even harder down on to her cunt. The oral goes both ways, with Charles lying back and groaning as Delilah takes his black cock in her mouth.

Slut Wife Bertha Needs A Beef Injection

Duration: 4m, 27s, Starring Bertha, Slick

(Not Rated)

Slutty housewife Bertha is fucking insatiable! She's sitting on the sofa after dinner one evening with her husband Slick watching television. Slick is tired after a hard day's work, but Bertha wants some of that treat that's lurking in his pants! The horny tart can't keep away from his trousers, teasing his prick through his pants and finally pulling it out of his fly. Slick sits there as his wife marvels at his pendulous member, jerking and sucking it until it is completely erect and slippery with her wet saliva. Bertha gets on top briefly, and then Slick finishes her off with a deep missionary pounding right there on the sofa.

Whore Nurse Sucks Off Comatose Patient

Duration: 5m, 18s, Starring Nurse Rachet, Aaron Hellboy Hutchenson

(2 Votes)

This has got to be a hospital visit to die for! Aaron is lying on his hospital bed wounded and immobile, his head swathed in bandages. His nurse comes in to inspect him, sitting down on the slim stretcher next to him and placing a hand on his thigh. In his comatose stupor, Aaron watches in amazement as the voluptuous brunette nurse lowers her head down towards his groin! Soon his meaty cock is in her mouth, and she obviously loves the taste of that unwashed penis. There are some great closeups in this black and white video as the nurse blows the guy long and deep, eventually drawing his sperm into her waiting mouth and swallowing.

Slutty Nurse Screwed By Injured Soldier

Duration: 2m, 1s, Starring Nurse Rachet, Aaron Hellboy Hutchenson

(Not Rated)

You're going to love this extremely short but sweet black-and-white hardcore vid. Aaron plays a soldier wounded in battle, convalescing in a military hospital. Of course, as you probably know from wartime stories, those sexy nurses just can't keep away from those heroic boys in uniform! This slutty nurse sneaks into the hospital ward after lights out so that she can get herself a piece of man meat. The injured man, his head wrapped in bandages, lies on top of the stocking clad slut in missionary and enters her. He thrusts away quickly and quietly in the dark, not wanting to wake the other patients in the ward while he is screwing this slut.

Whore Wife Fucked While Lover Watches

Duration: 10m, 32s, Starring Jeannie Bond, Jimmy Crackkorn

(Not Rated)

In this dirtyvintage clip, a cheating wife almost gets busted halfway through her whorish ways. She's just about to get it on with her lover when she hears the front door being unlocked; her husband is home from work early! The husband walks into the bedroom just as the woman's lover disappears into the closet; the husband is at first confused as to why his wife is in this state of partial dress. However, as the lover watches through the crack in the closet door, the husband and wife get down on the bed for a hardcore bout of missionary fucking followed by some passionate 69 oral sex to finish things off. What a fucking whore!

French Maid Sucks Off An Older Gentleman

Duration: 6m, 20s, Starring Lindy Trollop, Chris Meiers

(Not Rated)

This hotel is totally full-service! Older grandad Chris is feeling horny, so he calls up room service and orders himself a sexy French maid. The charmingly named Lindy Trollop soon enters his room, smiling demurely at the older man as she approaches on the bed. Although she has a maids cap on her head, her big titties seem to be fully on display! This video mainly consists of blow job and hand job action; at first the grandpa shows the maid his penis, which is long and semierect. She takes it with one hand, jerking it and then sucking on the head until the older gentleman explodes right down her throat. It's a real cumshot fountain!

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