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Legal Skin 7

Bouncy Coed Fucks Outside on the Deck

Duration: 16m, 33s, Starring Tera Bond, Karl Ben

(6 Votes)

Tera Bond has a great pair of tits along with a very sweet smile. That smile is used to great effect on the handyman. She is used to getting what she wants, so once she gets felt up by the lawn dude she is just melting. Her pussy is fucking soaked, and she cannot wait to get her hands on his dick. They go for quite some time after that, just exploring each other's bodies and getting all nasty on each other. It might just be straight up fucking, but it's good straight up fucking, and that's what I want to see.

Some Strip Pool Leads To Fucking

Duration: 20m, 50s, Starring Samantha

(11 Votes)

Samantha was over a guy she likes house playing some pool. They started getting a little crazy and played some strip pool. She lost so she showed off her amazing tits then she went down and started sucking his cock. They moved to the bedroom where he laid her on her side and slid that dick into her wet pussy. She took his cock like a champ, begging for more and cumming her brains out. She rode him, then ended up on her hands and knees so he could pound it doggy style. He got his fill of her sweet pussy so he pulled out and she sucked him dry.

Horny Coed Sucking Dick Outside

Duration: 15m, 19s, Starring Angel, Leslie Taylor

(2 Votes)

Angel certainly lives up to her name - she is as beautiful as an angel, although I don't think an angel would have the kind of sex drive that this horny coed does. As soon as she sees cock she is all over it, sucking and licking and having a good time. Now that's the type of chick that's great to keep around for friends with benefits - although I think after seeing her titty fuck that dick that she just might be a best friend forever. She is fucking great, especially the whole having sex outside part of things.

Cute Coed Gets Frisky on the Couch

Duration: 19m, 55s, Starring Kelly Dean

(17 Votes)

Kelly Dean is a fucking gorgeous coed that has everything right. I love the way she has that poofy hair, her super tight pants, her natural tits - it's just a package that you can't resist. Her friend runs into her, but he wants to take it to being more than just friends. Not surprisingly, it doesn't take all but two fucking seconds before she skyrockets from coy prude to slutbag extraordinaire and spreads her legs wide open and let him deep inside of that fucking gorgeous slit of hers. I love seductive coeds.

Alexa May is a 1980s vision even at eighteen years of age

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Alexa May

(1 Vote)

Alexa May came home to an empty house. Her man no where to be seen, and her maid gone for the weekend she was left to her own devices and couldn't get the idea of fucking that hot little bitch out of her head. She'd been with her only the once, and she wanted her to be around all the time now. When she wasn't there cleaning she should be there to lick her sweet pussy, or at least to let Alexa tongue her a little. As she sat there remembering she got a dildo out and started to imagine what it would be like on Monday.

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