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Lesbian Swirl Fest 5

Interracial Lesbian Fuckfest in Jail

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Catalina, Jas

(2 Votes)

Jas and Catalina are in all sorts of trouble, as they're both jailbirds, but they're not going to be complaining about their bunk mate for long. These ladies are hot for each other, and they're tearing each other's clothes off to get at those sweet, slick pussies. The best part is looking at their huge natural breasts, especially since that's obviously a favorite part of both of them. They're playing with those nipples and going absolutely insane, making sure that they drive each other over the edge again and again.

Awesome Interracial Lesbian Puss Licking

Duration: 11m, 22s, Starring Jas, Samantha Montgomery

(4 Votes)

Blond honey Samantha Montgomery and thick ebony girlfriend Jas have really got a hunger for hot pussy! Unlike a lot of lipstick lesbian videos which accentuate the use of toys, this one is all about romantic girl on girl loving. The girls kiss each other passionately on the lips and you can see their tongues flickering back and forth; Samantha is especially aroused by this French kissing, sucking hard on Jas' bottom lip. The girls take turns eating each other and then spend the rest of the video rolling around on top of the bed in an erotic oral 69. There are several genuine lesbian orgasms in this fantastic girl on girl film!

Hot Interracial Lesbians with Strapon

Duration: 15m, 4s, Starring Jazmine Cashmere, Nicole, Trinity James

(1 Vote)

The only way to make a lesbian threesome even hotter is to add in a strap on. This hot hardcore lesbian scene features Jazmine Cashmere, Trinity James and Nicole. The interracial action makes this a lesbian scene to remember, and you won't be able to take your eyes off of the strap on once it comes out. The ladies are very excited about this strap on, and they're going to make sure that they get thoroughly fucked with it. The amount of pussy juice that comes out of these slits is amazing, and you can tell they're truly turned on.

Horny Interracial Lesbians in Threesome

Duration: 21m, 45s, Starring Jazmine Cashmere, Julie Knight, Tanya Dewgood

(5 Votes)

Jazmine Cashmere, Julie Knight and Tanya Dewgood are naughty as hell, and they're in the mood for an interracial lesbian threesome that leaves all of them wet and ready to go for hours. They're getting hornier and hornier as they take their clothes off, and they pile on the bed to have a great time. Probing fingers stretch pussies open wide, and the wet juices glimmer as they get ready for one hell of a fuck fest. You're going to love watching them as they shudder in a wild, unrelenting orgasm that has them moaning loud.

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