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Monica Screwed While Husband Watches

Duration: 19m, 41s, Starring Monica Mattos, Claudio Marcos

(7 Votes)

In this top-notch porn movie, gorgeous stunner Monica Mattos punishes her fat slob of a husband for his adultery. Her overweight husband has been fucking prostitutes and bringing home diseases behind Monica's back, so today she is going to get screwed hard in both holes by good-looking fucker Claudio while her husband watches! The husband looks extremely depressed, his head in his hands, as his wife gets naked and sucks on Claudio's dick mere feet away. Then she gets screwed hard, her pussy and her ass hole gaped wide open by the well hung stud, whose cock is much larger than Monica's husband's. She also swallows his sperm!

Kimberly Smithy Calls Up Fuck Buddy

Duration: 21m, 49s, Starring Kimberly Smithy, Ed Junior

(2 Votes)

There's nothing that Kimberly Smithy loves more than calling up her fuck buddy to have a bit of fun with, and today is a prime day for her to have a fuck. Ed Junior comes strolling over, his dick already hard as fuck since he knows that she is one of the best fucks that he's ever had. Once he starts getting his dick sucked, he's in heaven already, and everything else is just a bonus. This lingerie loving Latina gives him one hell of a bonus in that case, and she's going to blow your mind with how much she loves to fuck.

Laura Lemos Calls Up A Piece of Ass

Duration: 21m, 9s, Starring Laura Lemos, William Carioca

(2 Votes)

Laura Lemos is not the type of Latina amateur housewife that is going to sit around and sulk when her husband takes off. Instead she'll go ahead and call in a booty call that will give her exactly what she wants, when she wants it. William Carioca wastes no time in getting over there, with a smile on his face and a dick as hard as a rock. She is so damn eager to wrap her lips around it that she leaves her lingerie on for the first part of the scene. Later on she's face down and ass up, loving the way that cock feels as it pounds the hell out of her.

Agatha Meirelles Cuckolding Husband

Duration: 22m, 32s, Starring Agatha Meirelles, Marcelo Vidal

(5 Votes)

I have to say that Agatha Meirelles' husband is a sound fucking person - he ends up falling out of the bed and somehow misses the Latina fuck fest that is going on right next to him. She gets the attentions of Marcelo Vidal, who hasn't been able to keep his eyes or his hands off of this feisty Latina wife from the second he saw her. Now he gets to have fun while her husband is chilling right through it, and it ends up with her getting a hell of a spray across her back. You get a great view of her tan lines from that position as well.

Sara Lemos Enjoys Latina Fuck Fest

Duration: 22m, 17s, Starring Sara Lemos, Alex Ferraz, Alex Sao Paulo

(3 Votes)

Sara Lemos is as hot as can be, with an amateur Latina look that is going to make you melt in no time flat. She has a curvy body, great looking face, and an ass that is going to haunt your dreams. Once she starts putting her seductive wiles on you, you're not going to believe just how sensual she is. She also has a thing for Alex Sao Paolo, and she makes sure that he isn't going to forget her soon either. Her favorite move is to climb on top of him, taking the on top position and controlling the flow of the fucking.

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