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Nurses of the Inner City Unit 6

Slut Nurse Skyy Black Has A Taste For Cock

Duration: 19m, 42s, Starring Skyy Black, Marc Cummings

(8 Votes)

Hard drinking, chain-smoking stud Marc Cummings doesn't feel like he needs a home visit by sexy black nurse Skyy. When she leans over him to take his temperature and listen to his chest with a stethoscope, he reaches out and grabs her roughly, popping open her low-cut top and starting to suck on her nipples. Skyy has had these persistent patients before - and she knows that the best way to deal with them is just to let them get a load off! The sexy nurse, who is wearing some stunning white stockings, sits down on her knees in between Marc's thighs and starts to blow him, pleasantly surprised by the length and thickness of his cock.

Sexy Black Nurses Milking Cock

Duration: 17m, 39s, Starring Lola Lane, Rick Masters

(4 Votes)

Lola Lane knows how to have a damn good time when she's checking out her patients, and today she's going to use her sweet mouth to nurse her latest patient back to health. Rick Masters certainly isn't going to be turning down this sexual healing, so he's bringing out his cock when she shows exactly what she's there for. She keeps on the nurse's outfit during part of it, so she's making sure that she's going to go ahead and get all worked up with her black nurse pussy getting wet as hell. She's definitely the type that you're going to want to have fun with.

Devlin Weed Gets Sucked Back To Health

Duration: 21m, 56s, Starring Lola Lane, Devlin Weed

(4 Votes)

Well hung, shaven headed black stud Devlin Weed is all fucked up, lying in his hospital bed looking blind in one eye and slightly mentally retarded. However, experienced medical professional Lola LaneL knows precisely how to cure what ails him - with a damn good cocksucking! Devlin looks down bemusedly as Lola pulls his thick cock out of his pants she jerks it experimentally but it doesn't stir. However, after she has spit on it and started to suck, it soon grows to a thick and erect length that she can really work with. Initially Ms. Lane was just planning on sucking her man, but that big dick looks so juicy that she just has to ride it!

Hot Ebony Nurse Nichelle Lanier

Duration: 12m, 36s, Starring Nichelle Lanier, Anthony Hardwood

(3 Votes)

Nichelle Lanier is the hottest ebony nurse that you're ever going to see, and you'll know that she is going to just drive you fucking crazy if she started doing an examination on you. Her hands run up and down her patient, Anthony Hardwood's body. Her tits are nearly bursting out of of her nurse's uniform, and she's horny as can be. Before long she is bursting out of her uniform, throwing it off to the side and making sure that she takes full advantage of Anthony's hardwood. Now that's fucking hot.

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