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Head Queen Gets An Eyeful Of Cum

Duration: 8m, 34s, Starring Autumn Haze, Marc Cummings

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How lucky do you have to be to come across a naked, horny chick in an abandoned bathtub outside who wants to suck on your cock? This guy should play the lottery after this, as he steps up and feeds her mouth a huge cock that she craves. She looks up into his eyes to see just how good of a job she's doing, as she can get all the way down to his balls with her lips, tickling her tonsils with the head of his cock. She's damn good with stroking him while sucking him, getting all her drool to cover his dick, and coaxing the cum from his balls. He wedges her eye open and squirts his hot load into her eyeball, irritating it, but not making her stop.

Sweet Goth Gets Cum In Her Eye

Duration: 7m, 55s, Starring Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten

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You can tell from the start that this punk fuck porno is not going to be your usual fuck fest. Rachel Rotten is sporting some sort of Bettie Page-ish look, a total rockabilly babe. Her boyfriend comes in the room with spikey hair and tons of piercings. That would be Rob Rotten. She leaps to attention, working his dick with her lovely mouth. She doesn't stop until he is two seconds away from cumming, and that's when the real fucked-up part happens. He pulls back and cums right in her eye. She looks shocked!

Country Girl Getting Facial in the Eye

Duration: 8m, 6s, Starring Ryan Meadows, Brian Surewood

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Ryan Meadows is a gorgeous down home type of girl. She is actually baling out hay when this scene starts, which is one of the most random porno beginnings I think I have ever seen. She sees Brian Surewood walking over to her, and it doesn't take long before she is working his thick cock in her mouth. She puts her lips on the head and then strokes her hand up and down the shaft, going harder and harder until there is spit flying everywhere. When he is ready to end it, he pulls and then sprays it all in her face, getting it in her eyes.

Busty Milf Really Knows How To Suck Good

Duration: 7m, 52s, Starring Christine Sanders, Mr. Pete

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Pornstar Mr Pete sits back and relaxes while amateur milf Christine Sanders does what she does best. In this excellent blowjob-only scene, the sexy milf Christine is down on her knees, cupping her full breasts between her upper arms while she licks Pete's big dick. There are some fantastic upwards shots that make Pete's thick cock look even bigger as it slides in an out of Christine's tiny mouth. She wraps her puffy lips around the shaft, sliding them from the very tip right down to the base, until her nose is buried against Pete's pubic bone. She gets the dick really wet with her saliva until there are streams of spit hanging off the shaft.

Blowjob Queen Wants His Load In Her Eyes

Duration: 8m, 10s, Starring Drew Allen, Chuck Martino

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It's a good thing this hot chick didn't just step off of the short school bus, because that means that she must know what she's doing, at least when it comes to servicing a hard cock. Drew at least knows enough to do everything that he tells her to do, from taking off her dress to getting on her knees, and everything that it'll take to get him to spew his load. She gets on the ground and gives him the deepest blowjob he's ever had, making his legs shake from how good it feels. Not only is she a great throat fucker, she doesn't mind opening up her eyes when he's ready to cum, letting him drip his salty semen right on her eyeballs.

Saucy Brunette Takes Cum in the Eye

Duration: 8m, 23s, Starring Sheila Marie, Brian Surewood

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Rosanna De La Vega and Brian Surewood certainly seem to be a great match, and once she is working on his big dick she looks like she is in heaven. She works her mouth up and down his dick, getting hornier and hornier with every passing moment. As she works her lips along his shaft, he is getting harder by the second. He doesn't even want to fuck her pussy - he has a different plan in mind for this succulent brunette. Once he gets done getting his dick sucked, he ends up spraying cum right in her eyes.

Intense Blond Craving the Big Cocks

Duration: 7m, 57s, Starring Alexandra Quinn, Chuck Martino

(3 Votes)

Alexandra Quinn has the type of hungry look in her eyes that a cougar has before it strikes. It turns out instead of hunting something, she is just going to jump on Chuck Martino's dick. That's almost the same thing, isn't it? She doesn't just suck that dick, she ends up deepthroating him. She is incredibly intense with that dick sucking, and she doesn't choke at all. She keeps on going harder and harder, but he surprises her at the end by pulling back and spraying his cum right in her eye. It gets everywhere.

Dick Licking Honey Takes Cum To The Eye

Duration: 7m, 56s, Starring Morgan Taylor, Brian Surewood

(2 Votes)

When you talk about a chick that is true to her craft, you need to think about this redheaded hottie, and how determined she is to prove that she is the best cocksucker around. She'll go down on just about anyone, as long as they promise to coat her face with their dick yogurt. Morgan Taylor takes off her bra to reveal a perfect pair of breasts, as she runs her mouth and hands up and down his massive erection. She blows him so perfectly, like she was teaching a class on it, covering it with a coating of her warm drool. When she gets on her knees to get every last inch into her mouth, she brings him to cum, as she keeps her eyes open for it.

Stud Shoots Cum Right In Hot Tart's Eye

Duration: 7m, 49s, Starring Sinnye Lang, Mr. Pete

(5 Votes)

You've got to hand it to pornstar Mr Pete - he really knows how to treat his bitches rough! In this hot scene, Caucasian Pete is sitting completely naked on a park bench. Kneeling in front of him is sexy Oriental tart Sinnye Lang. This girl has an extremely Asian appearance, not westernized like a lot of Asian-American girls. She submissively sucks on Pete's cock, but he is unhappy about her oral performance. Grabbing her roughly by the back of the head, he pulls her down onto his cock, orally impaling her. She gags around the prick but Pete is relentless, throatfucking her. He pulls out and spurts right inside her eye socket.

Hot Black Chick Gives Guy Amazing BJ

Duration: 11m, 13s, Starring Promise, Marty Romano

(8 Votes)

We start off with Promise, a good looking black chick, and a guy who's shorts quickly come down, dick comes out, and she eagerly starts sucking on it's long hard length. This chick takes dick in her mouth like a pro. Sucking on it and stroking it with her tongue and lips. This chick really loves the cock because she just can't get enough of it. She keeps kissing it, playing with his nut sack, and taking that long hard dick as far int her mouth as she can. She continues to suck on his cock for a good long time, making it harder and harder and ready to blow. After giving him a killer blow job he blows his huge load all over her face.

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