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Crazy Whore Gets a Brutal Facial

Duration: 9m, 44s, Starring Jasmine Lynn, Dave Hardman

(3 Votes)

Facials are pretty demeaning to begin with, but there's always someone looking to add some fucked up twists to things. First you see that Jasmine Lynn ends up in a threesome, so that means there's double the trouble when it comes to the amount of cum. Then the guys are so worked up over getting a great piece of blond ass like her that they almost don't know what to do with themselves. Finally, not only do they jizz down her throat, they also make sure to get cum all over her eyes - I bet that shit stings.

Stubby Cocksucker Gets Eye Full Of Semen

Duration: 10m, 15s, Starring Jaime Fuckingham

(2 Votes)

This nasty blond harlot has got quite a short, stubby body, but that doesn't preclude her from sucking a great cock. She kneels in between her man's legs, naked except for her high heels, the heels of which keep prodding into her pussy lips while she blows her man. It's an extremely large cock and she looks at it with delight, gripping it firmly around the base and cupping the balls with the other hand. Then she engulfs it with her mouth, slobbering all over it and ramming it down the back of her throat, until it bumps against her tonsils. She loves gagging on the cock, being made to feel like a truly submissive woman should.

Cock Sucker Takes Cum To Her Eyes

Duration: 7m, 42s, Starring Samantha Taylor

(10 Votes)

When a busty blonde like this here orders you to come over there so she can suck your dick, you go wherever the hell she wants you to go! Samantha gets her wish, as she gets a pecker to wrap her lips around, bobbing her head back and forth and rolling her tongue around it to get it nice and hard. When it's stiff, she gets her hand working in time with her mouth, taking a jaw pounding before opening up her bra and wrapping her ripe melons around it. She takes a hard titty fucking, only stopping to lick the head of his dick. When it's time to cum, a passerby holds her eyes open so he can cum right in it! Poor chick can't see!

Horny Babe Demands Jizz To Her Eyes

Duration: 9m, 17s, Starring Ava Devine, Andrew Andretti, Dave Hardman, Mr. Pete

(5 Votes)

This cute mature hottie refers to herself as a big slut who loves cock. Well she's going to get tons of cum here, because she's got two huge tits, some busy hands, a tight pussy and a mouth that loves to service dicks and make them explode! When she heard that they were going to blast her with their jizz in her eye, she was way eager to make them blow! She moves her head around to one and then the other, and even another, before she's got three cocks that are hard for her. They go in and out of her pussy, making those big tits bounce, and then they open her eyes up for every last drop of sticky jizz in between her eyelids.

Blow Job Bonanza Blonde Vs Brunette

Duration: 5m, 36s, Starring Jessica Cummings, Josie James, Enzo

(Not Rated)

Its game on when these two cock whores come face to face-blonde vs brunette in the suckfest to end all others! The girls peel off their tight clothes with no hesitation until they are down to just their panties, then in unison they kneel like slaves before the huge cocks and get to work. Each of them trying to out do the other, they suck like they have never sucked before. Slowly at first they lick and tease, then take those massive wangs deep in their throats, hungry for the taste of hot cum. The blonde watches from the corner of her eye as her competitor works her charms, never one to come second place she gets down and dirty on that dick.

Sticky Jizz Floods These Chick's Eyes

Duration: 4m, 5s, Starring Jessica Cummings, Josie James, Enzo

(2 Votes)

Josie and Jessica are hot chicks that love to do everything together, whether it's go shopping, go out for a night on the town, or suck off two guys outside until they blow their loads in their eyes. It's great to see blondes and brunettes cum together for one common purpose, as they let their throats get crammed by these two big dicks, milking their shafts from tip to base to get them erupting. They can really take dicks down their throat! And it looks even better when it's time for them to get their rewards, as their eyes are opened wide to welcome every last drop of cum these two have to offer. I'm sure the blindness is well worth it.

Naughty Czech Babe Gets An Eyeful Of Cum

Duration: 9m, 35s, Starring Luisa de Marco, Mr. Pete

(3 Votes)

I think we all need to take a trip to Prague if this chick is going to be our welcoming party. She tells this guy that the first thing he needs to do is give her pink eye. Don't think back to school though as how to get it, because what she has in mind is getting a fresh load of cream shot to her eyeballs, and the way she's going to get it is by sucking his thick prick stiff until he shoots it. She moans loud as she bobs her head up and down his pecker, stroking it before working her tongue and her drool around it. She gets all excited when he's ready to cum, as she opens her eyes for his thick dick soup. Welcome to Prague!

Cock Sucker's Eye Covered In Hot Cream

Duration: 8m, 58s, Starring Gen Padova, Buck Adams

(2 Votes)

Gen didn't know what this guy had in store for her when he approached her. But once he offered up his cock for her mouth, she didn't hesitate to get on her knees and suck his cock like a good woman. She loves having that fleshy rod in her throat, as she moans every time it penetrates her throat deep, even taking off her top and massaging her tits while she bobs up and down on his stiffy. Even though they're outside and people could see, it makes her even hornier, so she tries her hardest to get him to blow his load. And when he lets her know that he's cumming, her eyes are the recipient of his sperm. She's a keeper for sure!

Big Titted Hottie Loves Cream In The Eye

Duration: 9m, 2s, Starring Sara Jay, Rick Masters

(6 Votes)

She must really like to do what she's told, because when this guy calls her in for a blowjob, Sara Jay runs in with her heels on to please him! Maybe it's because she loves the taste of a big, swollen prick in her mouth, especially when she gets to rub her tits while drooling all over him. Her beautiful, thick body looks perfect on her knees like that, as she's smacked in the face repeatedly with his dick, just waiting for him to stuff his cock down her throat again to make him cum. That's all that she wants, and when he's ready to blow, she opens up her eyes so he can lay a line of semen on her eyeballs, giving her the pink eye she's wanted.

Asian Babe Given Pink Eye With Sperm

Duration: 8m, 55s, Starring Lyla Lei, Rick Masters

(1 Vote)

This hot Asian looks like she's ready to get fucked, as Lyla Lei pulls up her skirt to reveal her shaved, wet snatch. But she's actually so hungry for some dick that she opens her mouth to get her throat rammed by this lucky guy. She loves sucking dick, anything to please a guy, because that's what really gets her off. Her tiny titties bounce on the swing as her mouth is fucked, moving in and out between her drool covered lips. What this pigtailed babe really wants is for him to shoot his hot, sticky jizz all over her eyeballs, so when she sucks him to the point of no return, she gets her eyes opened up and covered in salty sperm.

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