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Cute Cherry Blond Takes Eye Cumshot

Duration: 8m, 26s, Starring Autumn Haze, Marc Cummings

(Not Rated)

There is nothing quite as demeaning as the eye cumshot. It just kind of says that there's no respect, no nothing, just a bunch of sticky goo in the eye - not entirely good for the chick, but some of them like Autumn Haze get off on it. She gives a great blowjob performance, working her mouth up and down that shaft, her hands weaving their way among the sensitive spots like a skilled harpist. Once it's time for Marc Cummings to do what he does best, he pulls back and then sprays the shit out of her eye.

Cute Brunette Takes Cums in Eye

Duration: 8m, 5s, Starring Saphire Rae, Marc Cummings

(4 Votes)

Some chicks get off on the weirdest shit, like Saphire Rae. This babe has such weird tastes that she demands that Marc Cummings get off in her eyes. Now I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that I've heard cum is not really meant to go into eyes. Who can argue with a woman as hot as Saphire, though? She gets what she wants, when she gets it, and there is to be no argument one way or another. She sucks, sucks, sucks away until Marc is ready, then looks up expectantly as he winds up for the big finish.

Blond Amateur Takes Unusual Facial

Duration: 9m, 9s, Starring Jasmine Lynn, Kato Kalin

(1 Vote)

Jasmine Lynn might look like the type of chick that would never say yes to a facial, but it turns out that she has a very kinky secret that she can't keep from Kato Kalin. She likes to get a bunch of spunk right in her eye. It's certainly not what you would expect from a chick that looks like that, but who can argue with such a specific and degrading request? She slurps that dick like a pro, and once it's time for the pop shot she keeps on staring at that dick until the cum comes spurting out, covering her and her eyes.

FFM Threesome with Eye Pop Shots

Duration: 9m, 41s, Starring Jessica Cummings, Josie James, Enzo

(Not Rated)

Josie James and Jessica Cummings share in somewhat unusual tastes with each other, so it makes sense for the kinky pair to have a threesome together with a guy that can service their needs. The man for the FFM threesome is Enzo, and the unusual request is pretty simple - they just want to take a big cumshot in their eyes. They tag team his dick, with one sucking away and the other calling in a back up guy so that she can get enough cum for the pair of them. They are really serious about getting it all over themselves.

Brunette Cutie Taking Cum in Eyes

Duration: 10m, 17s, Starring Jordan Styles, Johnny Thrust

(Not Rated)

Jordan Styles is a cute girl next door that looks like she should be off at the dorms, rather than on her knees with Johnny Thrust's dick in her mouth. She is, however, enjoying herself immensely doing that so you can't really blame her as she sucks, sucks, sucks away at him. She loves the feel of his dick as it goes down her throat, and once she's ready and done with him she tells him something she never expected herself to hear - cum in my eyes. Surprised, Johnny pulls back and lands the facial all over her and her eyes.

Brunette Coed Takes Eye Popshot

Duration: 10m, Starring Liza Harper

(1 Vote)

Liza Harper and her unnamed friend are trying out a few new things, and facials are one of them. Liza has always wondering what it feels like to get a facial, and since she watches so much porn to try to figure it out she decided that some personal experimentation was needed to find out. She starts things off by sucking on his cock, latching her lips on and working them up and down nice and slow. Once she's finished with that she's off to the races, getting him off fast so that he can bury her face in his cum.

Latina Chick Taking Interracial Cumshot

Duration: 10m, 59s, Starring Dominica Diaz, Dwayne Cummings

(2 Votes)

Dominica Diaz is your typical girl next door, Latina style. She has a great, petite body, long legs, a perfect snatch, and nice tits - and she also has some very kinky ideas involving where cum should go. She gets her big dick black boyfriend, Dwayne Cummings, to show just how much she loves taking a cumshot right in the eyes. It's definitely not something even pornstars do all that often, but that just makes it more special as she gets hit right between the eyes and keeps on trucking along. She loves that shit.

Petite Brunette Getting Threesome Facial

Duration: 14m, 7s, Starring Angel Flirt, Gwedo, Robbie James

(1 Vote)

Angel Flirt has a great, petite body along with a sex drive that impresses even me. Robbie James and Gwedo are the guys that are going to try to keep up with her today, and I think they are going to need every trick in the book to manage it. She is in the mood for a threesome that leaves her gaping and stretched, fuller than ever. However she also wants to let loose with her inner whore, so she has them cum all over her face. Especially the eyes - she wanted it so that they were almost plastered shut by cum.

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