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Pink Tamales 2

Naughty Latina Schoolgirl Fuck at Desk

Duration: 18m, 35s, Starring Luana, Gaspar

(2 Votes)

This Latina 18 year old schoolgirl is not in the mood for studying. Instead she is making out with Gaspar and playing with her pussy through white cotton panties. Her plaid skirt is pulled up, and Gaspar starts to play with her pussy to help out. She is so worked up that she has to pull him off to a more comfortable position - and by more comfortable, I mean he whips out his dick to fuck her bent over the desk. They might have to worry about getting caught, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of being balls deep in Latina pussy.

Beautiful Latina with Small, Perky Tits

Duration: 20m, 18s, Starring Cintya, Gaspar

(156 Votes)

There are some boobs that look perfect on Latina babes - and the small perky ones are the best. Cintya is sporting a pair of B cup perky tits that are topped with the most awesome nipples ever. She goes after Gaspar's big dick, enjoying the feel of it as it works down her throat. She is rather intense with the sucking, working her lips all the way to the back of his cock. Her hand works at the same time as her tongue. Her latina pussy is screaming for a dick before long, and she takes a hell of a pounding from this horny dude.

Hot Latina Knows How to Work Balls

Duration: 20m, 46s, Starring Princyany Carvalho, Johnny Cruz

(4 Votes)

You know what's hard to find in porn? A girl that knows that the balls need as much attention as the cock during head. Princyany Carvalho might have one hell of a name to pronounce, but she does have the heart to give the balls as much attention as they need. She is all over Johnny Cruz, getting herself so fucking worked up that her pussy explodes when he starts licking it. Before long they are both ready to a fuck, and she works her hands up and down her petite body while he's playing with her sweet pussy.

Lusty Latina Evelyn Loves Big Meat

Duration: 17m, 34s, Starring Evelyn, Gaspar

(1 Vote)

Evelyn is a lusty Latina that loves getting her hands on some big meat, and today she has Gaspar to fill her needs - and her holes. She grabs that dick and starts sucking away to start things off - there's a big smile on her face as she works up and down on that dong. You know he's loving the attention, and before long she is making sure to get the cock all the way to the back of her throat. Her pussy is nice and wet before long, and he can slip that dick in smoothly. She bucks her hips and starts riding that cock like a wild Latina whore.

Hot Latina Whore Takes A Pounding

Duration: 16m, 12s, Starring Tamiry Chiavari, Marco Paris

(3 Votes)

Tamiry Chiavarii and Marco Paris are here to show you that spicy Latina sex is the best sex of all. This petite hottie is slender, shapely, and gorgeous through and through. She's also in the mood to take an intense pounding, even if it looks like she would break right in half with any sort of rough handling. It turns out that that's exactly the kind of fucking that she craves, and she's not happy until she gets the perfect pounding. This Mexican whore is also the loudest moaner around, so you have to wonder if the neighbors get any rest.

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