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Pissed Off Housewives 1

Hot Housewife Fucks Around On Her Man

Duration: 22m, 50s, Starring April Blossom, Brett Rockman

(10 Votes)

April is one pissed off housewife is is ready to get back at her scumbag husband by fucking around on him. A man walks in and starts kissing on her before he lifts her leg up and inserts his big dick into her tight pussy right away. She stops and then licks his dick up and down, sucking his cock off hard. She jumps on top and starts fucking him, bouncing up and down on his rod before they switch it up a couple of times. She moans, screams and squirms all over his large dick. They continue with their back and forth fuck fest until he pulls his cock out and squirts his hot cum all over her face and mouth.

Blonde Housewive Cheats On Her Man

Duration: 19m, 6s, Starring Serena Marcus, Brett Rockman

(2 Votes)

Serena is one pissed off housewife and wants to fuck around on her man to teach him a lesson. Her black mini dress is sparkly and she wants to let it all out. A man walks in and they start feeling each other up, her breasts eventually coming out and he licks her wet cunt before she takes his schlong into her mouth. She gets on top and starts riding him before they switch up the positions and move all around the room. She moans and comes hard when he takes her from behind. The two of them work up a sweat before he turns her around and blows his load all over her mouth, making it sticky and gross.

Sexy Wife Needs A Hard Fucking

Duration: 21m, 4s, Starring Gen Padova, Brett Rockman

(11 Votes)

This sexy blond housewife is pissed off and she's not going to take this shit anymore! Her husband just doesn't pay her any attention, deciding to stay late at work to have dirty sex with his secretary rather than coming home to his faithful wife and little rascals. To make things worse, she gets no respect at work and all the guys just lear at her nubile and busty body. She goes to stud Brett Rockman for some sexual satisfaction, needing a good hard fucking to ease all the tensions in her life. He gives her a rough throatfucking and totally breaks her down, making her his submissive fuck tool, fit only to be a receptacle for his hot jism.

Cheating Housewife Gets Her Revenge

Duration: 24m, 20s, Starring Kelli Tyler, Brett Rockman

(6 Votes)

Kelli is a pissed off housewife and she is going to get some revenge on her husband! So she brings in a horny hunk who has some stacked muscles to give her the fucking that her husband can't deliver. She hooks up with this guy, and immediately she takes his rock hard dick in her mouth. She swallows the stud as she's on her knees in front of him. After giving him head for a bit, then Kelli gets her hot MILF pussy lapped by him. He licks on her beaver for a bit until finally slipping her the meat. She gets banged in every position by her adulterous lover until finally he plants a jizz bomb all over her face.

Thick And Busty Babe Jerks Herself Off

Duration: 6m, 14s, Starring April Blossom

(5 Votes)

If you like your women thick and busty, you can't go past gorgeous brunette April Blossom. This girl is the complete package, from her generous all natural bosom to her round and extremely fuckable ass. To top things off, she's got beautiful long hair and a gorgeous face. In this scene, she performs a sexy strip out of her lingerie and lies on the couch with her legs spread. She touches her pussy gingerly at first, slipping one finger inside and then rubbing her clit as she gets closer and closer to cumming. April masturbates to a loud and satisfying orgasm right before your very eyes. If only this hot babe had some dick to play with!

Stripping Amateur MILF with Big Tits

Duration: 2m, 33s, Starring Serena Marcus

(2 Votes)

Lexi Bardot is not a happy MILF - she is tired of being bored and ignored, and she is taking it out with a handy camera she has laying around. I know I'm glad she's getting angry, because that means she does one of the most delicious stripteases I think I have ever seen. Although she doesn't go hard enough to cum from all of her masturbation, she does go long enough to make me cum. There is nothing quite like seeing a blond sweetheart just like this, because she truly takes my breath away. Yummy!

Slender Blond Wife Gets Nude And Nasty

Duration: 1m, 42s, Starring Gen Padova

(2 Votes)

Busty housewife Gen Padova gets interviewed and strips off on this introductory scene. She's a real cutie, but she looks quite uptight with the hair tied up in a bun and a conservative schoolteacher outfit on. Apparently she is mad at her husband because he doesn't pay her enough attention and so she is going to get back at him by getting naked and sucking some stranger's cock on camera. Who understands women? And who cares, as long as they're putting out, sucking dick and taking it in the ass! One she gets naked, your dick will get hard in appreciation of her nubile body, with perfect breasts and smoothly shaved cunt.

Angry Brunette Strips for the Camera

Duration: 2m, 8s, Starring Kelli Tyler

(Not Rated)

Kelli Tyler is not the kind of wife you want to piss off. You don't want to leave her home alone, angry and horny, because this is the kind of slut that turns on a camera and shows the whole world what you just left! This sultry, slutty brunette can't wait til you walk out that door, because she's about to peel off her panties and rub her twat in the face of all your horny friends at home watching porn. This skanky vixen tweaks her perky tits and rubs her round ass as she shows off a bald, beautiful cunt and just when you think she's all yours, she blows you a kiss good bye.

Group of Horny, Angry Milfs in Action

Duration: 9m, 58s, Starring April Blossom, Gen Padova, Kelli Tyler, Serena Marcus

(3 Votes)

I wonder what it is about milfs - they look so damn good, but if you use the example of Gen Padova, Kelli Tyler, Lexi Bardot, and April Blossom, it turns out that you're just angry all the time. Of course, just becuse they're angry doesn't meant there isn't fun to be had. After all, they are showing off their sweet slits and amazing milf boobs for the camera. I do have to wonder just what happens after 30 though - it's like a swap is flipped that makes them want to do some wild and wild sexual stuff.

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