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Cute Amateur in POV Blowjob Scene

Duration: 27m, 15s, Starring Angelina Armani

(6 Votes)

Angelina Armani might be new to the porn scene, but she certainly isn't new to cock sucking. In fact, I'd have to say that she seems pretty damn practiced at it, as she shows off in this POV audition video. She goes through a quick interview, but she doesn't do much talking once she gets that dick in her mouth. This is one of the hottest pov blowjob videos I think I've ever seen - I'm pretty sure that's helped by the fact that she really is one of the cutest amateurs I think I've seen in a long long time.

Hot Blond Amateur Takes POV Cumshot

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Megan Reece

(8 Votes)

Megan Reece is fresh faced and ready to go, and to make her audition even more special they are doing it pov style. She is really charming and fun loving, as you can tell in the initial interview. She also seems to be up for trying just about anything, although she does affect to be a wee bit shy at first. I wouldn't let that fool you though - this blond knows exactly how to work a dick, and she also doesn't shy away from getting cum sprayed all over her ass. POV cumshots have to be the best ones ever.

Short Haired Amateur in POV Audition

Duration: 17m, 34s, Starring Naomi Cruise

(3 Votes)

Naomi Cruise should have been in porn a hell of a long time ago, because she is absolutely fucking amazing. I love the way she looks and acts - it's a very cute kind of attitude that really shows a cool side to her that you woudn't see in a pornstar that often. She is stripping off pretty damn fast - I guess she isn't an interview kind of girl. Her tits are nice and natural, with the type of perkiness that would make you jack off all night long. She also seems rather skilled with her mouth, working it up, down, and around his shaft.

Adorable Amateur Gets Nasty in BJ

Duration: 12m, 23s, Starring Brittany Angel, Elli Foxx

(2 Votes)

Brittany Angel looks super sweet - but it turns out that she can get super nasty when you put a dick in front of her. She has a very intense look to her as she starts in on the cock, working her mouth up and down this dick after a quick interview. Her short hair bounces back and forth as her head bobs along the cock. The look in her eyes is one of the most intense that I think I have ever seen in an amateur, and she keeps on sucking with one of the most feverish passions that I think I have ever seen.

Cute Bikini Babe Takes POV Cumshot

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring Arielle Alexis

(3 Votes)

Arielle Alexis is an amateur that woudl look way better if she would stop being so shy. She keeps on her bikini pretty much the entire time, although you do get to see her naughty bits in flashes here and there. That really adds to my anticipation of her getting naked, so I suppose it's not entirely a bad thing. She ends up on her knees in a pov blowjob scene, and not only is she a gorgeous amateur she is also a skilled cock sucker. She loves working her tongue and mouth on that shaft along with taking the cumshot.

Redhead Amateur Polishing The Nob

Duration: 15m, 33s, Starring Marie McCray

(3 Votes)

Marie McCray is a redhead girl next door that has always wanted to try out porn, so when she heard about these auditions she just had to come and check it out. She is hanging out on the couch, going through the interview and showing off her fun loving side. Of course before long she also has to show off her cocksucking skills, which end up being fucking incredible. She just loves to work that dick with her sweet lips, going up and down the shaft and bringing in her hand for a bit of help. She takes a mighty cumshot at the end.

Latina Pornstar in POV Blowjob

Duration: 14m, 34s, Starring Luscious Lopez

(2 Votes)

Luscious Lopez certainly gets around, but when you see how lovely this Latina pornstar is you'll understand why. I love her well rounded body - she has just the right size of tits, a great set of hips, long legs, and an ass that will make your jaw drop. She also has that fun accent that gives her an exotic air, along with a pussy that will have your dick swelling before you can even blink. Today her pussy isn't getting the action, however - her mouth is, in one of the hottest pov Latina blowjob scenes I've ever seen.

Spunky Blond Coed in POV Blowjob

Duration: 15m, 41s, Starring Kelli Kallen

(3 Votes)

Kelli Kallen is the type of chick that you probably remember from college. She is at all of the parties, she is the fun loving one, and she also has a giggly, spunky attitude that never steps away from the sunny side of life. That makes her especially fun in the sack, and it turns out that it also makes her able to deliver one mind blowing blowjob. This is made even more apparent by the fact that they put it in a pov view, so it's like you're right there. She uses her mouth to great effect, slurping with her lips and flicking with her tongue.

Horny Girl Next Door in POV Blowjob

Duration: 15m, 35s, Starring Mae Victoria

(6 Votes)

Mae Victoria is your typical girl next door - she might not be all that to look at compared to the pornstars you might be used to seeing, but you know what? She is certainly all that when it comes to delivering a great blowjob. This pov blowjob scene starts off with a brief interview that quickly moves on to a strip tease. You get to see every last bit of her sexy body, and then she dives in for a taste of that dick. She teases and pleases with her mouth alone, using some blowjob skills that I never expected an amateur to have.

Petite Blond Amateur in POV Blowjob

Duration: 15m, 24s, Starring Elli Foxx

(Not Rated)

Elli Foxx is certainly a foxy lady, and she is one of the few women I've seen in porn that are all about sporting the short hair. She has a nice body - it's not a perfect 10 by any means, but it certainly is enough to get my mouth watering. I love the way she stretches out her long legs and her lean body, but that is nothing compared to how much I love the fact that she really gets the cameraguy's dick. She works it up and down with only her mouth, and gets him to spray cum all over her face and body.

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