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Cuckold Watches His Wife Get Fucked By A Pornstar

Duration: 15m, 54s, Starring Mrs. T. Holt, Dave Cummings, Don Hollywood

(4 Votes)

Don Hollywood was on call for Dave Cummings new burgeoning business of fucking other men's wives. He got the call that a nice mature woman wasn't getting what she needed out of her younger lover. He was good in bed, but didn't have the experience she deemed necessary so she wanted someone with more experience to come by and show him the ropes by fucking her properly. Don was more than happy and arrived at Mrs. T. Holt's home with some speed. They got her naked and after a short make-out session they started fucking.

Slut Mrs L Silver Sucks And Fucks Two White Cocks

Duration: 14m, 27s, Starring Mrs. L. Silver, Dave Cummings, John Strong

(1 Vote)

Mrs. L. Silver is a cock slut. She' always has been and her husband knows it. What he believes is that if he can satisfy her then she won't go elsewhere for those long thick cocks, but early in the relationship he found out that there was no satisfying her at all. He heard of a service provided by Dave Cummings where they'll come out and take care of these kinds of problems for you, so he put the call in to see if they were quality. When John Strong arrives he's confident in giving his wife the number.

Hot Wife Mrs T Reynolds Spreads Her Tight Snatch

Duration: 1s, Starring Mrs. T. Reynolds, Dave Cummings, John Strong

(7 Votes)

It's a sex picnic. The best kind of picnic known to man to date is the sex picnic because what we have happening isn't a bunch of food getting carried away but a nice tight pussy about to be served up in the open air of nature. It's truly a wonderful sight to see Mrs. T. Reynolds setting out the blanket and getting John Strong to lay down on it with her for a nice roll on the grass without getting any stains on her nice dress or his knew jeans. Dave Cummings is the man behind this plan and it's working.

Mrs D Mills Fucks Two Hung Studs In Front Of Hubby

Duration: 15m, 48s, Starring Mrs. D. Mills, Dave Cummings, Guy DaSilva, Julian St. Jox

(6 Votes)

Mrs. D. Mills is in a rather interesting marriage that allows her to end up fucking the hell out of plenty of hung studs. Today she's going to be getting in front of her hubby Dave Cummings and telling him that she needs some fat black cocks. Of course, he is going to do his damndest to help her out, so Guy DaSilva and Julian St. Jox are stopping by to lend a hand. She's got a naughty smile on her face as she eyes up those cocks, and she's in a candy store sampling each of those dicks, going back and forth to figure out the one that she loves the most.

Mrs S Alonzo Fucks Dave Cummings And Marty Romano At Once

Duration: 18m, 44s, Starring Mrs. S. Alonzo, Dave Cummings, Marty Romano

(1 Vote)

Mrs. S. Alonzo called Dave Cummings for what she knew she needed. A real dick. Her man has been having the kinds of problems that sometimes a pill will fix, but she's not really happy with the size he's packing either. So today she's going to get what she needs so she can stop thinking about fucking everything that walks near her door. Marty Romano is the guy that Dave has come over for the Mrs. and it works out great. He looks something like her husband but at the same time he's stronger, bigger and better hung

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