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Julie Faith Fucks Her Man And His Buddy Julian St Jox

Duration: 27m, 15s, Starring Julie Faith, Dave Cummings, Julian St. Jox

(2 Votes)

Julie Faith has always wondered what it would be like to fuck a black man, and her husband has always wondered if the rumor of someone going black and never coming back was true. So they put a call in to Dave Cummings who, upon hearing their interest and dilemma, called Julian St. Jox who came over straight away. There, on their porch, they husband and wife combo got to learn all kinds of things. How big cocks can get, how deep they'll go, and that you probably shouldn't let your wife fuck a pornstar.

Ashley Long And Jasmin Share Lucky Man Vincent Vega

Duration: 21m, 58s, Starring Ashley Long, Jasmin, Vincent Vega

(4 Votes)

Ashley Long has always wondered what it would be like to be a swinger. He husband is such a prude though that she knows he'll never agree to fucking around with another couple so she calls Dave Cummings who claims to have the solution to all her problems. She gets him on the phone and he tells her to dress up a little skanky for him and when he comes over he brings not only another man but another woman Vincent Vega and Jasmin are there to fuck the hell out of this woman in ways she's only imagined.

Tyce Bune Janet Taylor Suck And Fuck Front Husband

Duration: 19m, 37s, Starring Janet Taylor, Tyce Bune

(6 Votes)

Janet Taylor is bored and fed up with being bored. It's her sex life. She's just hit her sexual prime and the man she's with is completely spent after maybe twenty minutes. That's not good enough for her, she wants a lot more for a lot longer and she's going to get it if he isn't going to deliver. So she gets him to call a guy named Dave who has been working in the neighborhood and her friends are raving about. He comes over and brings Tyce Bune with him to get Janet what she seems to be craving.

Victoria Sin Bent Over And Ass Fucked In Front Of Her Husband

Duration: 26m, 55s, Starring Victoria Sin, Dave Cummings, Devlin Weed, Dirty Harry

(4 Votes)

The older husband of brunette fuck slut Victoria Sin just can't satisfy her any more, so her kind husband allows her to get fucked by another man and get the screwing that she needs - just as long as he gets to watch the proceedings! Upstairs on an elegant balcony, Victoria gets down on her knees and takes the large dick of ebony stud Devlin Weed in her mouth while her husband watches approvingly, his hard on growing in his pants. Young Victoria is going to get the shit fucked out of both her holes by this hung alpha mail! It's especially hot when she gets bent over the railing and dominantly ass fucked by the muscular black stud.

Hung Nick Manning Slide Into Lovely Francesca

Duration: 22m, 31s, Starring Francesca, Nick Manning

(2 Votes)

Francesca has discussed this with her man. She knows it's not his idea of a good time, but she has to know what this whole business is all about and the only way to know is to call them. So she calls Dave Cummings to see what he's offering and since her husband is completely subservient to her she knows he won't mind if there's sex involved. He may mind, but he'll have to get over it. So when Dave brings Nick Manning over and he's not only buff but obviously well hung and ready to fuck she can't say no.

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