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Sweet Smoking Amateur Drinks Cum

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Tianna Lynn, Meade Stew

(6 Votes)

Tianna Lynn is way too sweet a chick to be in this type of a porn scene, but there she is, getting ready to do one of the nastiest things I think I've ever seen. She starts off by crawling on the table, smoking. Her tits are hanging and bouncing back and forth. She gets up close to the camera and starts showing off those titties, and then she gets naked for Meade Stew. He makes her slip that cock deep down her throat, and she works her tongue and lips around it. After a quick dip in her pussy, he pulls out and makes her drink his cum out of a cup.

Smoking Pornstar Drinking Cum from Cup

Duration: 27m, 23s, Starring Gia Jordan, Konnor Elsdon

(3 Votes)

I've seen plenty of things in my porn watching days, but this is one of those things that is somewhat out there. We start off watching Gia Jordan walking up and down in super high heels, smoking away as she starts to play with her titties. She walks in with Konnor Elsdom, who is going to make her do something incredibly nasty and naughty. He starts off by just face fucking her, savagely shoving his dick down her throat until she's almost choking on it. Then he cums in a cup and makes her drink every last bit - gross.

Seductive Brunette Drinking Cum

Duration: 21m, 14s, Starring Francesca Sins, Andrew Andretti

(2 Votes)

There are pornstars that do all sorts of weird shit, but this is the first porno that I've ever watched a chick drinking down cum out of a shot glass. Somehow it is so much more fucked up and demeaning that way than if he just came in her eye or some shit. That's definitely for you guys that like the mind fuck kind of porn, though. She starts off smoking a cigarette, introducing herself as Francesca Sins. I would certainly sin for her, especially once she started working her ass around the room. Ozzy Giffard is the one that will donate the sperm for the cup, after getting sucked and fucked by her.

Smoking Blond Takes Big Cumshot

Duration: 28m, 16s, Starring Kat, Johnny Thrust

(Not Rated)

Kat starts off this scene by taking a quick smoke, her legs spread out and her skirt just barely covering her sweet pussy. She has on panties that are almost see through enough that you can make out her lips when she flips up her skirt. Once she's done with her cig, Johnny Thrust stops by to show her what he really thinks of her pussy. He pounds the hell out of her and gets a sloppy blowjob in return. He is so into it that he gets out a fucking shot glass, cums in it, and then makes this crazy Kat drink it down - fucking gross.

Latex Pornstar in Rough Threesome

Duration: 33m, 41s, Starring Ariana Jollee, Anthony Hardwood, Curtis Kipling

(2 Votes)

Once you take one look at Ariana Jollee, you know that she probably isn't up for your typical fuck fest. She has on a latex corset, has latex tape over her nipples, has on skin tight latex panties, and I don't know what her boots are made out of but it is probably latex as well. This girl really, really loves the feel of that shit. She starts off just smoking real quick, but then Anthony Hardwood and Curtis Kipling spot her and come by to take a piece of her ass. They cannot help but pound the hell out of that sweet pussy.

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