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Strapped On And Lethal 2

Vixen With A Strap On Ass Fucks Guy

Duration: 29m, 1s, Starring Lana, Bruno

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Bruno licks Lana's nipples and then just gets her body all over. Bruno even licks her toes and everything else in between. When he finally makes it the strap on that Lana is wearing, he starts giving it head while Lana wiggles around beneath him. Soon he strips down and Lana is kissing Bruno's ass cheeks, but now is when it gets good. She feels around for a second and then slides her strap on right into Bruno's asshole. She fucks him like a man and he whacks off as she pumps into him. He gets into many positions for his pounding and is loving every inch of it inside of him. She works him so good he gets his cumshot in his eyes.

Abada gives Julio the pegging he has been seeking!

Duration: 28m, 23s, Starring Abada, Julio

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Julio is all man at work. He has to be the big boss and tell everyone else what to do all day... but when he comes home he doesn't want any of the responsibility. Instead his girl Abada straps on her favorite fake cock and pegs his ass full speed as she tries to knock the memories of his stressful day right out of his head. Once Julio has regained his composure he turns the tables, kneels her down and jacks off in her face!

Woman With A Strapon Fucks Her Man

Duration: 29m, 15s, Starring Gina, Bruno

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Bruno is horny when he is stirred by Gina and her big strapon dildo. So he immediately starts to suck the rubber toy and lubes it with his saliva. After he eats her pussy for awhile, she goes down on him for a bit, sucking every inch of his cock down her throat. But Bruno wants that rubber cock in his ass. So while Gina is laying on the bed, he guides it into his puckered entrance and strokes himself as he bounces on top of her strapon. She then gives him a hard anal reaming while he lays on his back and his legs spread open wide for her. She totally disciplines his ass and then he jerks himself off all over her titties.

Sexy Trick Tames The One Eyed Snake

Duration: 23m, 21s, Starring Anita, Cowboy

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Sexy Anita is kissing Cowboy when this scene begins. He leans in and licks her neatly trimmed twat while she moans and wiggles underneath him. Soon Cowboy is stripped down and sucked off. He obviously loves the taste of her pussy because he goes back down there and this time gets her asshole too. Pretty soon this dude can't contain himself and climbs aboard and starts screwing her. He pumps her hard and deep until its time for this trick to mount this cowboy. She bounces on his saddle, but then she really takes over. Anita slides on a strap on and takes this cowboy up the ass doggystyle. She fucks him hard and deep; taming his one eyed snake!

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