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Blond with Big Natural Tits Gets Shagged

Duration: 6m, 52s, Starring Crystal, Larry Dallas

(Not Rated)

You know, watching this old porn relic of a wilder and looser era, reminds me that people were just as freaky back then (if not more) as they are now. Crystal, a young blonde with stellar natural boobs shows old dog, Larry Dallas what an innocent little blowjob feels like. But he's an impatient, dirty old man who can't wait to know what it feels like to shove his cock up such a cute, young little pussy like Crystal's. Watch her tits dangle to and fro as these free-loving peace niks do the 70's bone dance. Barely making it out of her juicy snatch to cum, Larry almost spews enough to fill up her belly button. Randy stuff!

Skinny Brunette Gives Shower Blow Job

Duration: 9m, 45s, Starring Laurel Young, Junior Farmer

(1 Vote)

For some inexplicable reason, we find Laurel Young in the shower with Junior Farmer wearing nothing but a smile. Laurel is a sight to behold. A lithe, slender brunette with killer legs and the cutest little tits to come out of the 70's and sexually eager too! He jumps at the chance of making sure those little tits are the cleanest they've ever been and its not long before she starts tugging on his cock and him fingering her hairy, young pussy. Things escalate into a good old-fashioned shower blow job until Junior just can't take it anymore and explodes all over her face in ropes of white glory.

Vintage Interracial Fuck Fest!

Duration: 10m, 59s, Starring Lucy Graves, Reginald

(Not Rated)

Pay attention all you jive-ass turkeys, my man Reginald here is the epitome of a 70's Porn Star/General Bad Motherfucker! This scene kicks off straight away with some raunchy 69 action. I've never seen a guy eat pussy with such frenzy before. Knowing the virtue of returning the favor, Lucy Graves gets down and swallows on Reggie's crank shaft with a quickness! Soon, the pair are fucking each others' brains out a la cowgirl style. Nothing but deep penetration and hairy cunt punishment in this video time capsule. After much rigorous pumping, Reggie, nonchalantly pulls out and squirts his hot jizz on her tummy and calls it a day. Solid my brotha!

Vintage Bondage Blowjob and Fuck

Duration: 10m, 1s, Starring Sally Carter, Frank Burns

(Not Rated)

Sally Carter is one cock crazy bitch. This little gem opens up with her sucking off Frank Burns like her life depends on it. Poor Frank is tied to the bedpost and can't do much else but flail around as Sally continues to blow him. A quick cut reveals that the tables have turned and its now Sally who's being restrained while being subjected to Frank's tornado tongue. Finally, the two having their fill of oral pleasure, they're ready to get their hardcore fucking on. Frank straddles Sally's fine little bum, expertly drilling that hairy little fuckhole. He pulls out just in the nick of time and creams all over her pussy.

Vintage Couple Fuck All Over Livingroom

Duration: 6m, 46s, Starring Darlene Bastion, Gage Lock

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Things kick off with good ol' obedient whorehound, Darlene Bastion sucking her man's cock. She must've hit it out of the park because next thing you know, Gage Lock flips her on top of him and starts fucking the ever-lovin' shit out of her. It's great to watch her little pale ass get knocked up and down by the sexual shockwaves generated by that old hippie bastard. Not content on fucking exclusively on the couch, they spread their wanton love-making all around the room, dripping cunt juice everywhere. Darlene's moans increase in their pained intensity and its a cue Gage takes as he pulls out and finishes on her white little tummy. Bravo!

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