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Teens Goin' Wild 04

Saphire Rae Swallows The Whole Load

Duration: 23m, 53s, Starring Saphire Rae, Mark Wood

(6 Votes)

With her shy demeanor and charming gap between her front teeth, Saphire Rae would make any man's dick hard! She certainly does so for stud Mark Wood; he gropes her boldly, grabbing one of her hands and placing it down on his penis, so thick and hard inside his shorts. Saphire looks more at home when she's got the cock to focus on, closing her eyes and bobbing her head up and down on the shaft. She even takes it in the ass from big dick stud Mark; he lifts her ankles up above her ears, penetrating her sphincter mercilessly, right down to the base of his cock. He holds her firmly by the head while he pumps the load down her throat.

Casey Young Needs Some Big Cock Therapy

Duration: 18m, 42s, Starring Casey Young, Mark Wood

(5 Votes)

As busty blond coed Casey Young lies down on the therapist's bench for stud Mark Wood, it almost looks like she is about to start pouring out her life's woes - but instead of talk therapy, Mark is about to make her feel good with his meat! Casey pulls out her big tits from her top, pinching her nipples to show how hard they are before taking Mark's penis right down her throat. Casey takes an extremely active role in this video, making herself gag without any encouragement and then riding Mark's pole front ways and back. She's got a really sexy way staring right to the camera while she takes the full length, grinding her clit down hard.

Dreamy Mist Enthusiastic To Take Big Rod

Duration: 22m, 51s, Starring Dreamy Mist, Mark Wood

(6 Votes)

Some of the sexy young coeds scored by stud Mark Wood are shy and nervous, but short haired blond Dreamy Mist is completely the opposite! There's a flirtatious smile on her face as she strips off for the stud; she revels in showing off her perfect, large tits to Mark, who can't keep his hands off them. She sucks her man's cock briefly and then he bends her over a wooden chair, making her gasp and moan as he pounds her from the rear. She loves to show off for the camera, trying to position her tits in the best angle for the lens. Mark really goes buck wild on her wet, shaved pussy - he loves himself an enthusiastic porn slut!

Veronica Lace Takes On Much Older Penis

Duration: 25m, 8s, Starring Veronica Lace, Claudio

(3 Votes)

Lovely and skinny blond Veronica Lace is a precocious young coed who is willing to try anything sexual. That's lucky for fat older stud Claudio, because otherwise he wouldn't have a shit show of scoring a delicious young blond like her! She lies back nervously on the bed, spreading her legs and revealing a pussy that is crowned with a charming patch of scraggly hair. Claudio latches his lips around one of her nipples while he reaches between her thighs, inserting two and then three fingers into her wet puss. He gets on top, dwarfing Veronica underneath his bulk while he slides his in member, starting up a rhythmic thrusting.

Coed Kacey Takes Black And White Cocks

Duration: 21m, 13s, Starring Kacey, Darren James, Mark Wood

(6 Votes)

No doubt you have come across gorgeous girl next door Kacey before - this cutie is one of the most recognizable faces in coed porn! This video starts off as a regular hardcore fuck featuring well hung stud Mark Wood, but then part way through in walks even bigger cocked stud Darren James, and an interracial double penetration ensues! Mark looks slightly miffed when Darren walks in hefting his impressive length - Kacey takes one look at that huge dick and starts to salivate! Darren is too big to fit into Kacey's ass, so Mark is on anal duties while Darren pounds Kacey's little pussy. Both men ejaculate in her open mouth simultaneously.

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