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True Home Made Amateur Video Series 4

Brunette Slut Swaps Vibrator For Cock

Duration: 25m, 10s, Starring Courtney

(4 Votes)

Courtney loves to tease. And with her body its not hard to believe. Undressing on the bed her stud helps by pulling off her panties. Now naked she pulls out a vibrator and plunges it deep into her pussy. He helps by fingering her clit. Squirming with pleasure she has to turn it off. Sucking and licking his cock she primes for penetration. Straddling his dick she plunges it deep into her already wet pussy. Now from behind he slowly pushes his swollen member deep into womanhood. Laying on her side he spreads her legs and rams it home again. On the bed she feels his cock go deep she orgasms. Pulled out she sucks it then helps him rub it off.

Black Beauty Makes White Cock Hard

Duration: 17m, 45s, Starring Brandy

(1 Vote)

Brandy walks into his office with the promise of making his work easier. Pulling off his pants she sucks his dick and makes it hard. Rewarding him with a blow job she swallows his rod and licks his balls. Off comes her dress and he drills her pussy with his hard dick. Moaning in ecstasy she takes it deep. Fingering her pussy she explodes in orgasm. Riding his swollen sword she is moaning again. Up and down she pushes it deep into the depths of her cunt, she pants and comes again. Turning her back to the camera she plunges his rod back into her hole. Doggy style he goes deep and and pulls out so she can rub it off into her open mouth.

Busty Brunette Uses DildoTo Please

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Missy

(5 Votes)

After a lot of chit chat Misty shows us her enormous boobs. Bouncing them up and down they take on a life of their own. Sitting up on a pool table she pleasures her tight little pussy with a dildo. Slowly in and out she pushes it into her cunt. Moans of pleasure are heard as she continues to probe the depths of her womanhood. Kneeling on the table now she reaches around to continue from behind. Slowly she pushes deeper into her now wet pussy. Her moans get lower as she rubs the edge of her cunt with the tool. Louder and louder she moans as the pressure builds in her leading to her climax and she screams out in pleasure.

Brunette Cutie Gets Shown the Ropes

Duration: 34m, 44s, Starring Hunter Bryce

(11 Votes)

Hunter Bryce has a gorgeous body and her boobs and tight ass proves that she is no amateur. Once her clothes are off she goes right for the studs huge cock. Slowly sucking the tip she takes it all in her mouth. Riding his monster rod up and down has her raining her juice in orgasm all over his balls. Deep into her cunt she bobs up and down. Turned around to rid it from the other side she screams in orgasm and her juice squirts again. Ramming his dick into her pussy she moans some more. Her juices flow some more. On her back she takes it deep and soaks him again. On her final ride she squirts some more. Pulled out he blows it in her face.

Blond Amateur Works Huge White Cock

Duration: 21m, 14s, Starring Jen

(2 Votes)

Jen may be an amateur but she does it like a pro. Sucking the stud's cock makes it hard in no time. Stroking it op and down in her mouth brings pleasure to the guy. She then rids his throbbing rod deeper and deeper. Turned around she takes from behind. Slow at first he rams his dick deep into her cunt. She responds by pushing hard against his lusty thrusts. Laying on her back legs spread he slowly rams her luscious womanhood. Pulling out till the tip is exposed he gently slides it back in. Now laying side by side he pushes his throbbing dick into her pussy and she moans with pleasure.

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